We get so used to stress, even the extra stress of this year, that we frequently don’t recognize when it’s stronger than usual. It’s the “Frog in Boiling Water Syndrome”. Place a frog in boiling water and he’ll jump right out. Place a frog in cool water and slowly boil it and he gets used to the rising temperature until it’s too late. A lot of us are the latter category right now. Except in this case, the boiling water is our evolutionary shift into the next level of being human. Read More


So, we’re in the most challenging karmic catch-up month of any year, in the challenging karmic catch-up year of our lives, with retrogrades swirling around us making us look deeply into ourselves, and planets fighting in the cosmos to bring transformation and enlightenment—even if it seems that transformation and enlightenment comes via a sledgehammer. But no one said changing a mindset that’s lasted at least 2,000 years into another completely different mindset would be easy. So here we are. Read More


Since Mars started squaring Saturn and Pluto last Monday, July 27 (bringing aggression, war and power struggles), in addition to Mars being in Aries (masculine lessons now coming forward in anger), we’ve been hit with some pretty weird, stressful energy. On that Monday last week, my phone, computer, internet and Constant Contact all went weird. Dee, the lovely lady who publishes my stuff through Constant Contact, wasn’t able to get my newsletter out until much later than usual as the site was down until late evening. And even though she called me several times to let me know, nothing rang through to my phone. I didn’t get her messages until the next day. That chaos continued all last week. It felt like Mercury retrograde on steroids (and still does) even though Mercury is direct. Read More