The last two weeks have been pretty incredible, setting us up for the heaviest work of this transformational year. That doesn’t mean what’s happening on the surface—the ongoing pandemic, high unemployment rates, or our financial instability—will get worse (although it’s far from getting better). But our deep soul-enightening, vibrational, energetic, and cellular work has now kicked into high gear and will stay that way through the rest of 2020. Read More


As we know, 2020 is the year of The Great Transformation Made Real. Every day, frequently every hour, change is happening in front of us, in the depths of our DNA and for the whole awareness of our species. 26,000 years of Mankind is being born into 26,000 years of Humanity. The pandemic, which we are physically dealing with, is just the tip of the iceberg. It gives us something to focus on and learn from in our three dimensional world, while the heavier and deeper energetic, vibrational, and cellular work happens around us. Read More


We can look at the situation we’re in right now, as the pandemic directs our lives, in a couple of ways. While a lot of us are taking it seriously and following the recommendations of experts by sheltering in place, using masks when going out for necessities and practicing social distancing, quite a few of us see it as more of an annoyance than a threat, while others are denying its existence completely. Read More


We have the most powerful Full Moon of the year on Thursday, May 7 (except for those enhanced by eclipses coming in later). This Moon is in Scorpio, which deals with death, rebirth and transformation and, right now, is probably the most important sign in the Zodiac and very appropriate for where we are. It’s also a Moon of enlightenment and magic, and of healing, which we all need on so many levels. Read More