Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration and a successful New Year’s Day, whatever is planned: whether partying, being with family, watching the game, going out or staying in to binge a favorite show (The Expanse, Season 4 on Amazon Prime is Excellent!)

If you didn’t do any New Year’s resolutions right after the last eclipse of the decade over Christmas (per Gahl Sasson’s suggestion), save them for the Chinese New Year of the Water Rat that comes on January 25. That’s when the new energy for 2020 starts. Up until then, January is about resolving and cleaning up 2019 energy, not starting something new. It’s all about timing.


Starting on Saturday, January 25, I will be changing my pricing and schedule. It won’t be a big price hike, nor a major schedule change. I’ll post the new rates once I’ve decided (soon). Following that Saturday, I will be taking off three Saturdays each month (or four, depending on the month), staying available on the first Saturday of the month only with extended hours for those who can’t read with me during the week.

I will continue to offer Discount Thursdays in specific months which I will announce in my weekly newsletters, as usual. The Discount Thursday prices will be upped a little, too, but not by much.

And there will be a surprise for the Chinese New Year that I will announce the week before, with more on the Year of the Water Rat (January 25, 2020 to February 11, 2021) as we get closer. Stay tuned!


At the end of every two-thousand-year Age, the energy and lessons of that Age hit a ceiling and build up to an explosion of change as the next Age takes over with its own energy and lessons. For many, that change is scary and unwanted, even though we reincarnate with the intention of fully participating in it. But we frequently get overwhelmed and lose our way. We are living in that time.

In this case, as the Piscean Age hits its ceiling, we’re mostly dealing with the build-up of lies and corruption that have become a way for many to hold onto old “power-over” ideals. Any system, organization, government, corporation, job or even relationship that has involved lies and corruption, whether built that way from the beginning, become that way for “survival” over time (keeping things the same and under “control”), or unintentionally, is headed for explosion.

This is especially happening in 2020 when the main theme of the year is Truth Revealed!

Over centuries, lying for our own benefit has become more and more popular and unquestioned. As we reached 2012 (the end of the Piscean Age), it became a desperate need to hold on to what was accomplished with lies and many lost innate knowledge of how to embrace the truth. With big organizations, like governments and corporations, the corruption that became an accepted way of life is now being revealed and openly talked about as the balance shifts from “power-over” to “power-within”.

For 2020, look for all governments that have grown in corruption, especially over the last seventy years, to have truths revealed. We saw this starting to happen in 2019 with the massive demonstrations against corrupt governments all over the world. For those who are worried about our current president’s damage to our country, know he’s not the only one involved in corruption – he’s just the poster boy for it.

Regarding our election next November, be aware new truths will be revealed almost every day between now and then, even bigger, deeper and more encompassing than we’ve seen so far. Truths that steer us and the world into a clearer path of equality and humanity.

In relationships and self-knowledge, lies to those we love and to ourselves are not that obvious, especially when we’ve done so without intending harm and have been following societal norms or pressure from family and peers. It’s a harder issue to face because it’s about our own self-awareness.

I met a young woman recently who, in this life, has the heart and talent of a gypsy artist but is surrounded by “establishment” nine-to-five mentality and so is having a hard time embracing her truth There’s not a single person in her life who recognizes her soul or this life’s purpose. They don’t understand that living a gypsy life of traveling and exploring her incredible artistic talent is safe and secure for her. Or that this is her response to many past lives where she did exactly what was expected of her and has so, in this life, earned her freedom. They’ve made her afraid of herself without intending to. So she tells herself lies and “shoulds” that go against her nature in order to do what they want her to do. She’s just coming into realization that it will tear her apart if she doesn’t listen to and act on her own truth.

Another woman is involved with a good man and is unintentionally lying to him by only showing the parts of herself she thinks he will approve of. She’s afraid of being alone, or never finding the right person, so she’s making herself the right person for him by denying herself, which is unfair to them both. It’s a lie of omission, yes, unconscious and unintentional in causing harm, but it’s just the kind of harm we do to ourselves by following an old path of thinking (women have to be there for men). If she isn’t honest with herself (her worth) and him, the relationship can’t flourish, or even survive.

Most of us don’t intend to be dishonest with ourselves. It’s been necessary for our own survival over the past 2,000 years because we had to follow what Piscean Age thinking dictated or we ended up being an outcast. That said, truth being revealed is an explosion that can make 2020 a hard year on a personal level. The majority will revel when government and organizations are revealed for their lies and corruption, but facing that within ourselves is harder and scarier and yet very cleansing and balancing. And necessary. We will be forced to do so or we will be served negative lessons for us to face what is true and positive within.

However, please know that “Truth Revealed” was also offered to us in 2019 as a choice: “Face your true self willingly or you will be forced to in 2020”. Many of us did this without realizing it – dealing with issues as they came up without hiding or running away from them. For those who chose to step up, the 2020 lessons are redundant. If what we experienced in 2019 brought us to revelations and clarity about self, in 2020 stand in observation of others without judgment or participation. Let them learn what we learned without taking on their problems, which they will probably want to shove on anyone else to avoid dealing with it themselves.

Even if we have learned our Truth Lesson in 2019, we will be affected in some way by this sweeping energy – either by fine-tuning what we already learned, or by how others want to drag us into their own truth-fight. Whatever challenge comes our way, try looking at it as an opportunity. If we look at challenge as if we’re a victim, we become a victim and get stuck in hopelessness and negativity. Stay on top of it. Know that somewhere, sometime we agreed to all challenges as ways/lessons to make us grow into what we had in mind for ourselves in the first place. We willing go through painful and intrusive medical testing on the road to the cure. This can be no different.

Sidebar: While we are consistently given the choice to change before change happens to us, we can see what happens when we as humanity don’t change in time. On a large scale, for example, after the horrible Rwanda genocide in 1994 killed, imprisoned, or made refugees out of the majority of the male population, women had to step up in all walks of life, including government. That has brought an equality and different Aquarian Age way of thinking for the country that wouldn’t have been available without the intervention of the Piscean Age male ego explosion.

We’re seeing it happen right in front of us with climate change. We didn’t step up in time, even though we’d been given multiple opportunities to wake up and take responsibility. We are now at the Earth’s mercy regarding weather and natural “disasters” since she went into her own survival mode on August 21, 2017 with the powerful eclipse that crossed over the entire contiguous United States. Now we’re just along for the ride.

We can learn from this or pretend to fight it. It’s our choice. Part of taking responsibility for being human now is acting responsibly for all that has come before (and comes after) – whether we actively participated in doing harm or are just here to clean it up. We all chose to be here now. The more we stand in that, the better we all become.

While it’s still up to each of us to do our part to participate in the change, trust we will have help as the energy of 2020 brings truth to light. Trust our Earth to take care of things. Trust our intuition to take care of us. Trust the Truth Revealed energy of 2020 to do the rest to get us in balance. It’s going to be quite a ride!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

And Happy New Year!!!!


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