The way karmic lessons present themselves is to get our attention by being right in front of us in our daily lives, such as: dealing with a boss who is difficult, facing a distasteful task that needs to be done, fixing a misunderstanding in a relationship, not taking care of self. All of those are presented for us to learn something about ourselves by being mirrors for what vibrations we’re putting out. If we look in the mirrors honestly, we can face our karmic lessons and complete them, big and small. They are presented in such a way that we have choices on how or if we deal with them.

If we don’t face those lessons, figure them out and learn from them, they become more insistent. The difficult boss becomes unavoidable, the distasteful task becomes threatening, the relationship issues skyrocket, illness creeps in. Now the choice to deal with them becomes far more narrow. We have to or we know things gets worse. Still, many choose not to deal with these lessons at all because they’re too hard, cost money we don’t want to spend, or, most commonly, disrupt our day-to-day lives and how we’ve planned our future.

When we don’t face these karmic lessons—and we’re given plenty of time to do so—the situation becomes more dire. Karmic lessons then get our attention by going inside us and making us ill. Even though the boss, task and relationship are not within our bodies, illness can still develop. Not facing those things puts us out of balance and the extreme result of being out of balance is illness. It can be slight, like a cold or aches and pains. But if not faced it can easily become serious, even leading to cancer or heart attack. It’s as if your karma is saying “You’re not paying attention to what you agreed to learn when I’m in front of you, so let’s see what you do when I’m inside your body—you can’t ignore that!”

The growth of humankind in this New Age follows the same pattern. As a species at the beginning of the Aquarian Age evolution, we’ve been given a chance to see what we need to face and change as human beings (stepping into “being human”, not just “being mankind”). The lessons and opportunities have amped up, especially over the last sixty years. We’re dealing with growing up and out of past learned inequality, cruelty, disrespect, condemnation for anything not “me” and chosen lack of self-awareness. That and the male-dominated power-over mindset grew to be standard in the Piscean Age, but are no longer part of our vibration.

When we don’t fix what we know is wrong, it gets more insistent on a personal level and on a group-species level. We didn’t do enough about climate change when we first realized it, so the Earth stopped taking care of us after the August 2017 eclipse. How many natural disasters have happened since then that have broken records? Hurricanes, fires, floods, storms, extreme temperatures. And we still didn’t do enough, or in many countries, anything at all.

So now we’re facing a possible coronavirus Covid19 pandemic that could decimate populations like the Black Plague did in 1347-50 or the Spanish Flu did in 1918-1919. I stress could because it’s yet to be determined in “The Big Picture” how serious this needs to be. Covid19 is showing us the macrocosmic karmic issue for our civilization as cancer/illness would be microcosmic for an individual. Human beings in our group collective as a species have the unavoidable choice to deal with this third level of karmic lessons or our health will be affected by what we’ve avoided.

Before modern medicine, it was believed that disease came and went to keep the population growth in check. As society grew into levels of wealthy and non-wealthy, disease that took more members of the poor than the rich was proof the rich were more important (not that the rich just had better living conditions, an abundance of food, and less stress). But when pandemics have hit us in the past, it didn’t matter what social level we were on. They were equal-opportunity illnesses.

And this is 2020, the year of tremendous change, the year of unavoidable karmic lessons, the year of truth being revealed. It makes sense one of our unavoidable karmic lessons that brings the required change is the potential for the pandemic–and all the consequences of it including disruption of our world economy as we are already seeing–all to make us step into what we are as an awakened species. It’s been floated that Covid19 was man-made in China to decrease their population (and if it jumps to other countries and affects them, whatever), or that the high level illegal animal trafficking of pangolins in China is either the cause or propagating the disease (pangolins and Covid19 have a 99% genetic match), or that it is completely “natural”. It doesn’t matter. It’s happening now. It’s revealing the truth of what’s been important in our society that doesn’t work by threatening to take us down to basic survival so we can build what will.

It isn’t necessarily striking the poor or lower classes—it is dangerous for anyone who is out-of-balance. Our immune systems are already compromised because we don’t take care of ourselves. We don’t eat right (we eat fast and/or easy), we don’t avoid stress (that’s just part of life), we don’t have time (that’s part of life,too). But all of these are man-made reasons and can easily change with the right understanding and mind-set. This is our opportunity.

One of the overall Aquarian Age lessons is to be responsible for our own selves, which includes our bodies. As modern medicine became more “modern”, people relied on it more and it weakened us over time. Part of this was because it was easy—get a cold, take an antibiotic and feel better immediately. Part of it was because of the stress of how we built our society: get better immediately or lose income or perhaps lose the job altogether. We created this rhythm of lack of self-care and dependency on “modern” medicine, which has grown to be very harmful.

We are naturally a very adaptable species but, unfortunately, we’ve grown to be complacent, which means our adaptability has grown equally complacent, which means we change only when we are forced to. This year forces us in one way or another—on an individual level and species level—to grow out of the old mindset and live in the new.

As the Piscean Age ended, governments, large organization and businesses grew to be corrupt, self-serving, and non-trustworthy. Yet many of us are waiting for any of them to solve this problem for us. Continuing to wait to be saved by what is an already failing and falling system can bring dire results. This is a lesson for each of us to face what we are personally responsible for and to relearn our adaptability. Each of us needs to take responsibility for self and loved ones and change our system from the grassroots up.

We are forming a new way of looking at the world and each other this year. Covid19 is just one more way 2020 brings us that clarity. It’s that important, so we need to have this fear of a devastating pandemic to get us off our asses and take action. But please keep fear in its place. It’s just a warning system. When we hear a warning, do we run around waiting for the warning to become the act it’s warning us about or do we take the information and do something about it?

While we can’t each personally develop a vaccine in time or stop governments from being purposefully blind in how they deal with it, we can change how we do things. If we just continue with the hope that this will be solved “somewhere out there” because it can’t happen to “me”, we’ve missed the point. Build the immune system, take precautions, avoid being in groups. If we feel we need to keep kids home from school but don’t have care for them—make a plan, even if we don’t put it into effect right now. If our jobs allow us to work from home in an emergency—make a plan. Change scheduled vacations or trip arrangements—don’t wait for them to change for us. This isn’t easy and it isn’t clear what the right action is at the moment, but it is an opportunity for huge growth in a very short period of time for us to figure it out.

While we might not be prepared for this (i.e., all experts who would have had a plan have been removed from government), again, we are an extremely adaptable species and can figure it out before we have to!

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be aware. Be human!

Embrace our human ability to change and adapt.

We get through this.

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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