Wanted to let you know I’ve been working on an updated look for my website, offering a lot more on the Home page. While my signature “Flaming June” is still there, I have a new logo. You’ll still be able to get to the “Book a Reading” page with the touch of a button and you’ll have immediate access to my latest newsletters and offerings like the Freezing Spell, the Love Spell and (new!) my Ritual Drumming track, without having to search for them. There’s also easy-access to my radio show appearances and my YouTube page (yes, I have one with only a few videos at the moment but I’m working on that). And more! It’s in the final stages, so look for it coming within the next few weeks.

Also know that starting in 2020 (the week after Saturday, January 25, the Chinese New Year of the Rat), I will be changing my schedule and raising my prices. I plan to cut out weekly Saturday readings, instead offering one Saturday a month with expanded hours, while my Monday through Thursday schedule of 1 PM to 6 PM CST will stay the same. The prices will go up slightly and I’ll still offer Discount Thursday at discounted prices during certain months. Stay tuned to my newsletter for announcements on that.


We’ve got a big week coming up: on Thursday we celebrate Halloween/SAMHAIN, so Happy Haunting, costume partying, or Trick or Treating…and/or remembering our loved ones who have passed and honoring the end of the Wiccan/Pagan year.

On the same day, we start the last Mercury retrograde of 2019. As the veil between physical and spiritual will be at its thinnest just when MercRetro starts three weeks of discombobulation, we can expect rare etherial events that can be misinterpreted if we allow the messages to filter through our heightened emotions. With the energy of this day being so different from the rest of the year, we can experience fear instead of profound spiritual connection if we aren’t careful. There’s a lot of fear going around in our changing times. Please be aware of what we’re feeling, where it’s coming from (within us or without, i.e., are we picking up someone else’s emotions?) and why.

Then on Friday, November 1, we celebrate Day of the Dead/All Saints Day and, according to the Old Ways, the beginning of winter. Also, Venus, the planet of love, relationships and law, moves out of Scorpio, the sign of intensity, passion and rebirth, where it was not happy, and into Sagittarius. Venus in Sagittarius is a much nicer time as it “takes immense pleasure in being in love and sharing exciting encounters with someone” (quoted from SunSigns.org). Communication and understanding in those areas become easier and better, taking into account we’ll still be in miscommunication-and-misunderstanding-rich MercRetro until November 20.

This combination of change over those two days starts a natural time of quiet and going within. Before our current calendar, the year had two seasons – summer and winter – that lasted for six months each, with winter starting on November 1 (in the Northern Hemisphere). In the then-agrarian-predominant society, October 31 ended the reaping season. Whatever was left in the field of the last of the crops (gourds and squashes) was allowed to rot and die to become fodder for the spring plantings. November 1 then started the fallow season with a different energy of pulling back, being quiet, and focusing on our inner rather than outer world. Even though there are parts of the Northern Hemisphere that don’t experience winter’s extreme cold that drove people inside, that energy is what we all get. Symbolically, that represents us leaving behind the active, outward summer season to assimilate lessons learned by re-examining our karmic experiences of the last six months.

Our internal clock, our Circadian rhythms, automatically slow down to prepare for the Dark Time of winter. Seeing as how all retrograde energy also makes us turn inward, this is a sign that, as we close out this year, it’s especially important to honor that inward reassessment of who we are in this quiet season. Not honoring it will put us in conflict with ourselves.

We may naturally want to avoid people in large groups or people who aren’t aware of their own energy. We can easily get annoyed with interruptions. We can feel off as our society requires us to carry on as normal, revving us up for the holidays, while we might not feel like going on that ride. Expect a lot of conflicting emotions caused by what is demanded of us and what we really want to do. The end of 2019 has a specific quiet, inward-looking energy that only causes conflict if we go against it.

We had a cleansing New Moon yesterday, which helps us face what the end of this week brings with new awareness. It helps us focus on the karmic completion this winter brings (summer brought the lessons but they aren’t complete until we make them our own). Please note that each of the Moons, New and Full, through the end of the year leading up to the change of energy on January 25, 2020, will have a different and stronger impact on us than we’ve had throughout 2019. That, like all the other energetic shifts we’re experiencing, can sneak up on us and make us out-of-balance before we know it. So, be gentle with self and others.

Finally, be aware that our perception of our finances, which has been challenging all year, can really be off. It will be as if our income and outgo per month is the same as usual but suddenly it isn’t enough to cover everything (and that’s not including any spending planned for the holidays). Honor that “not having enough” feeling and we won’t be in debt come 2020.


On November 11, we have an exciting Astronomical (not Astrological) event when the planet Mercury crosses “in front of” the Sun. It’s a rare transit that happens only thirteen times in each century. The little black dot of Mercury will be back-lit by the yellow/gold of our powerful solar center. Check online or at www.spaceweather.com for visibility maps and observing tips.

And Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s “The Astrology of 2020: The Leap of Faith” book is now available via Amazon Kindle or in paperback. I highly recommend getting this to help in navigating the coming year. 2020 is going to be very interesting!!

Blessed Samhain!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Day of the Dead!

Happy All Saints Day!

Happy Wiccan/Pagan New Year!

Let’s be safe out there!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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