Did you feel the release yesterday?

Even before the Moon hit full in the late afternoon/early evening, my cats were nuts all day, running around and playing – releasing all the pent up/built up energy of the demanding previous week. I had trouble finishing writing this post because there was a cat (new baby, Peri) wanting to play all the time! When she wasn’t trying to get on the keyboard for attention, I could still feel her want! She normally sleeps next to the computer while I work. But not yesterday! In my face! Very cute and sweet, but difficult to get anything done.

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Just a quickie here to let you know how this week is unfolding – energy-wise. Three celestial events are going to be making us feel discombobulated, irritated and annoyed this week – and here’s why:

Last week on Wednesday/Thursday, October 2/3 (depending on where you were in the country), Pluto, the planet of generational changes, went direct after being retrograde for five months. During those five months, we were facing a lot of our own negativity. We had to reassess what old, deep, subconscious lessons and experiences no longer worked for us and bring them into the light to release them. It was a difficult but cathartic time. (Catharsis seems to be the theme for this year with all the other planetary events focusing us on the same thing.)
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