Two events made a profound and lasting effect on us last week. The first was the unusually powerful Full Moon on Friday, September 13, which moved us into a new level of Aquarian Age ascension. It basically lifted us into a higher evolutionary vibration. The second was Saturn going direct on Wednesday, September 18, after five months of being retrograde. It gave us a huge karmic-lesson release. Saturn is about the structure of our lives, which includes our karma. Saturn retrograde is about us facing karma that has been faced before but not cleared. When it goes direct, there is always a release no matter how much work is left to do because we invariably got something accomplished.
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For the last several months, I have not been able to put my weekly blog/newsletter on my website due to some technical difficulties. But that has been fixed. So Dee, the lovely lady who publishes my posts for me, has recently updated “My Blog” at www.lauriejohnsonpsychic.com with all entries going back to May. In case you missed a post or would like to reread one or recommend one to a friend, they’re all there.

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Original Newsletter Post – 7/29/19

We’re coming to the end of this powerful Mercury retrograde on Wednesday, July 31 as the planet goes direct at 11:58 PM on the east coast. So Thursday starts some relieving energy. However, as always happens at the completion of a retrograde, the push of it doesn’t ease up or let go until the very end. And then, the shadow period lingers so while we feel we’re in the clear, we also feel a little stupid with the release of the pressure until it all evens out.
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Original Newsletter Post – 9/2/19

A client came to me recently to ask about her relationship. She’s been married eight years (together for twelve); they have a child together. He’s always been on the selfish side but suddenly, over the summer, he completely turned away from her and their son to concentrate on a new business. It’s a level of self-involvement he’s never shown before, not just because he’s creating something he always wanted to create, but because it’s like they aren’t even in his life. It makes her feel – no matter what she says or does to get through to him – as if he divorced himself from the family even though he still lives with them and takes advantage of her usual care. He’s even said that he’s not responsible for her or their son anymore, that he needs to think about himself now (as if he hadn’t been all along).
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Original Newsletter Post 8/28/19

On Friday, August 23, we entered the sign of Virgo until the Autumnal Equinox moves us into Libra on September 23. While I am on the cusp of Libra/Scorpio, my rising sign (that which indicates my outward personality and what I show to the world) is Virgo so I found the following post by Master Astrologer and Sage Gahl Sasson very enlightening. Even for those who are not Virgo or do not have it prominently in your chart, this is an interesting read to know how to take advantage of what this sign has to offer, and how to deal with the Virgos around us.

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Original Newsletter Post – 8/19/19

Recently, while at my chiropractor’s with the massage therapist doing her magic, she asked if I would mind talking about my work. Even though she and the doctor know what I do for a living, it has never been discussed. I was surprised, as being psychic isn’t as easily accepted in the general public outside of California. Turns out, she was worried about her eight-month-old daughter who wasn’t progressing “normally” as she had yet to talk the way the doctor said she should. She wanted to know if I could see if her daughter was “abnormal”.

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Original Newsletter Post – 9/9/19

We’re coming into the second week of September (have you noticed the changing slant of the Sun and the different color/feel in the air?) so even though we are having an uncomfortable time with the electromagnetic activity in unusually strong solar storms, the harsh summer energy is ending. While the storms will continue on and off throughout the Fall, we feel a release/relief this week, still kind of not connected to ourselves but not feeling punished by the energy either. We’ve got balancing energy coming on Monday, September 23 with the Autumnal Equinox where we finally feel in our own skin.
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Original Newsletter Post – 8/12/19

As of tomorrow, Tuesday August 13, we are officially out of the worst of the planetary summer challenges. We’re still in the Hungry Ghosts/Karmic Catch-Up month and affected by the long, deep lessons of four of the Outer planets retrograde along with all the ascension energy continuing to pull us into higher awareness of self, but it’s an easier ride than we’ve had for the last five years at this time.
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Original Newsletter Post – 7/22/19

Every year there is a time when a majority of planets retrograde in the same month, giving us a crash course in self-assessment. For the last several years, that month was August. That coincided with Feng Shui’s Hungry Ghosts Month, where the spirits of the dead walk the Earth to cause havoc – basically causing Karma to visit in a concentrated dose (which is why I call August the Karmic Catch-up Month).
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