So, last week was a lot of fun!

Transformation, up-grading, birth is never easy and last week proved that. There was an intensity of energy leading up to the Vernal Equinox and Super Full Moon, then a different intensity of energy on the day of, and a different intensity of energy coming out of it. Even though Wednesday was the day last week of releasing and rebirthing, there was also a mega-release on Friday. Events, relationships, growth, lack-of-grown, up to and including many deaths that had been building up for years, were finally completed. Read More


We’ve got some pretty heavy stuff coming this week, as if we haven’t already been in the middle of it during the last two months.

On Wednesday, March 20, our Super Full Moon coincides with the Vernal Equinox, which coincides with the beginning of Aries (the start of Spring, which in some cultures is the start of a New Year), while we are finally completing the Karmic Catch-Up energy of 2018 (revisiting us compliments of the current Mercury retrograde), and starting the accelerated growth spurt of Fast and Furious 2019. Read More


Happy Daylight Saving Time!

I’m being very sarcastic! DST is a typical Piscean Age idea that has to do with control and money and throws off our circadian rhythm, our body’s natural internal clock. Even though we adapt to it every year, it’s becoming more and more of a challenge to do so when our bodies are syncing in sensitivity and receptiveness to higher energy and the vibrational changes of the Aquarian Age. Least of all, DST messes with our sleep which messes with everything else. So be gentle with self and everyone else this week. We can be testy, irritable, short-tempered or just feel “off” for more reason than we just “lost an hour” and have to get up earlier than usual.
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We roar into March this week with the first Mercury retrograde of 2019 starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 5, followed by a New Moon in Pisces on Wednesday, March 6. As MercRetro takes us back to the last time it retrograded for us to reexamine what was shown to us about ourselves then, we will now revisit its attachment to the Venus retrograde at the end of 2018 and the lessons for women to remember their own power-within and men to balance out their feminine self by finding out who they are in the Aquarian Age enlightenment. Read More


As I’m still in brain-fog, here is some info from two inspiring sources that are about what we’re experiencing now and what’s coming up. The first is from Alex Myles about the Class G1 solar storm that’s been going on this week and will last into the beginning of March (i.e., the weekend). I’ve mentioned before about how our body’s electromagnetic system is thrown off by solar storms, sun spots and solar flares. Here’s her take on it that pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling this week:

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