The ending of 2018 energy last Tuesday, February 5 went out with a growl and seemingly left us with karmic strings tying us to what we spent the entire year facing and healing. The weekend before was rough. As always, when an astrological event nears it’s end, its effect gets more intensified rather than slacks off. We also had an incredibly huge tear on the solar surface, almost the entire width of the sun, that was spewing solar winds and storms at us every time it faced us. That not only gave us stunning aurora borealises but disrupted our body’s electromagnetic system making us feel itchy and uncomfortable in our own skin.

Not the way we thought we’d embrace the new, fast-moving, unlimited-possibility energy of 2019. However, if we pay attention to how we feel now, to what seems to still be hanging on, we get a clue as to what we need to release throughout this year.

There was so much self-work in 2018, whether or not people were actively participating in the awareness, enlightenment and release, it was hard to face everything we wanted to heal. Some things, especially those that are automatic, like self-protection, over-generosity, holding the energy for another, did not surface or seem that important. That’s the stuff coming up now. These lost or defeated feelings will not last. We have a step-by-step journey to harmonize with 2019 so we don’t go into energy shock, or slide back into old patterns with the suddenness and intensity of the change in vibration.

Throughout February, we will still feel a little stunned as with any recovery from a difficult or traumatic event (i.e., all of 2018 and the seven to ten years preceding it). So take it easy on self. Watch expectation and impatience. We can do so much more this year than we could in the past seven to ten years, but wanting to immediately make up for delays and impossibilities of the past only makes us crazy. Learn to go with the flow. Learn to find your current in the river of progress and let it take you there. We can’t force it. If we do, we only get ourselves frustrated.

I once got caught going backwards in a kayak down a section of rapids on a white-water rafting trip with no way to turn around for about half a mile. So I looked at the scenery, didn’t stress and enjoyed it tremendously. In time, I was able to turn around but while I was “stuck” I felt a great freedom in not stressing about control and going with the flow. I recommend doing the same this year. Remember that 2019 will force us to let go of thinking we’re in control of anything but who we are. It’s a great ride if we let it be.

March brings us the first of the Mercury retrogrades this year, which will, thankfully, be nothing like the intense and difficult ones of last year. This one runs from March 5 to 28 and is a recap of what we experienced during the last retrograde at the end of the year (the one that elongated the Venus retrograde and taught/reminded the female power-within awareness to everyone). So watch relationship issues where your personal buttons are pushed, and be aware of how we communicate when they are. Lift above pettiness as this can cause issues that don’t need to be there. This is giving us an opportunity to put what we learned about ourselves last year into practice.

April will really feel like Spring has sprung, with a lightness and joy in the energy and a feeling of moving forward. We will feel the speed of the year more in April than now so watch trying to make things happen faster beforehand. It comes. Gives it a chance.

We soar through until mid-July when the next MercRetro hits (July 7 through 31). This will be more of a check in on how we’ve done so far in “Letting Go, Letting God” (or Goddess or Creator, whatever works). We can sail through the summer challenges as long as we don’t take things too seriously, avoid taking things to heart, listen to our instincts and intuition and go with the flow. This is the first year in many that MercRetro is not happening in August, our annual Karmic Catch-up Month, so that gives us a break. Still, August will have its usual challenges, more so for the people who have chosen to be stuck in the past, especially those hanging on to the Piscean Age by their fingernails.

Once we get out of August, we’re sailing again until the very end of the year. Our last MercRetro of the year starts on Halloween/Samhain (October 31) which means we need to be careful in celebrating that day. The retrograde runs to November 20 so we’ll be clear for travel and festivities on Thanksgiving and all of the December holidays. However, the end of the year going into 2020 challenges our personal, national and global finances. Heavy spending is seriously not recommended. Plan accordingly.

The exception to all the unlimited-possibility energy is for those who have chosen to stay stuck even after last year. They lose so much of their power coming out of our first MercRetro that they will start to become invisible in their effect on those around them. They will bluster louder because they are not being heard, but even that will become more like a gnat in our ears rather than the powerful energy they once abused. Look for people to push back against bullies and ignore those who speak ego in the face of facts.

In 2019, we will be closer to our Guides, Angels and Ancestors than ever before, which means they can be more active in helping in our lives. That comes with us adapting to higher-level Aquarian Age vibration which gives us more conscious communication with them. The key is asking them to help and then letting them do it in how they know it’s best, not on how we think it would be best.

Given their involvement, there are three watchwords for this year: Trust, serendipity and synchronicity. We can’t make the latter two come into being, but we can trust that our Guides, Angels and Ancestors put things together for us in serendipity and synchronicity that we don’t understand. Trust that they see our bigger picture when we can’t. Be clear on what you know you’re worth, on what you’re calling to you and let it come to you. The more you try to control it, the more out of control it will be.

While Aquarius is an air sign, it is represented by the Water Bearer. I use a lot of analogies for where we are and water – “go with the flow”, “find your current in the river”, and recently, the idea that we are no longer walking on land, but the difference from last to year this is as if we’re now walking/swimming in water, breathing water, in a different atmosphere that is denser but lighter at the same time. That’s how big the shift is and it takes time to get used to it. We get used to it faster the more we let it happen (yeah, go with the flow)!.

For the last seven to ten years, we’ve been facing backwards to clear up our past karma, like cleaning a cluttered room before we can paint it. 2019 turns us around to face forward, to look to our future. Only we can clog it up by trying to maintain how things have been. Once we’ve cleaned that room and have started painting it, we wouldn’t bring back boxes and dirt while we’re reinventing it. So avoid bringing crap from the past that we’ve already cleared. Purposefully start new in the flow and see what happens.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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