Sunday, April 22 is Earth Day!

This is a day when people around the world come together to celebrate the planet and to take action to protect her. Earth Day was the brain child of United States Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson in the spring of 1970, before the Environmental Protection Agency existed. Senator Nelson got together with Harvard University professor Denis Hayes to put together a national awareness elebration to highlight the fact that there were no laws in effect to protect the Earth from the damage mankind was doing to her. Read More


Let me introduce to you a friend, and a dear and gentle wise man, Gary Stuart. Gary’s an International Constellation Facilitator, speaker and author of MANY HEARTS, ONE SOUL and MASTER YOUR UNIVERSE: HOW TO DIRECT AND STAR IN YOUR OWN LIFE, both available at Amazon. Contact him at As I write for my clients, he writes for his. So here’s a crossover, offering his take on what’s going on in our world right now. Read More


As I have been down with a stomach bug most of the last week, writing has not been my highest priority, so this will be short.

Our world is based on duality: man/woman, day/night, Sun/Moon. It’s how we on this planet, in this time, learn. Time, space and duality are our classroom to give us markers of comparison when we’ve accomplished something. We learn by having opposition and mirrors: with others, with the world and within ourselves. Read More