We have a busy spiritually-driven weekend that brings in positive, reaffirming energy which we need after the “thunk” of Mercury retrograde hit so many this last week. Once again, I turn this space over to Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson for information on what’s happening and how we can be aware of it, and how we can take advantage of it for our own personal growth. Read More


Mercury went retrograde last Thursday, March 22 (until April 15). Don’t know if anyone else felt it, but I was hit with an exhausting sorrow that lasted throughout the next day, as was another psychic I know. It could be that she and I are hyper-sensitive with the work we do that we can’t avoid feeling it, or it could just be a really powerful shift. I’ve never had a Mercury retrograde affect me like that. But as we all get more sensitive to the energetic changes around us and the lifting of conscious and physical vibration, that is the world we’re coming into. Read More


As we move further into this Aquarian Age vibration, we become more and more sensitive to the energetic changes around us. These changes have always been there, but now we can feel them so much more. The Full Moon has always made people crazy. It’s where the word “lunacy” came from. But as we get more in-tuned with the vibes of the New Age, planetary and solar activity, the emotions and issues of others (including the Earth and all life on her), we can become confused with our seemingly out-of-the blue reactions to things we aren’t consciously perceiving. We self-judge our reactions instead of rooting out their origins. Read More


Most of the people on the planet right now were born in the Piscean Age. Many still hold on to the old traditions and ideals, usually fearfully and aggressively, especially when those ideals are questioned (and there’s a lot of questioning going on). Within the next six years, that energy and sensibility will shift, not just because those born with the Aquarian Age mindset will become more predominant, but many of the Old Guard will adapt and embrace the new way of being. Read More