May this year bring us all what we desire and deserve.

Even though it’s a calendar change (not an energy change until the Chinese New Year on February 16), most people recognize it as the New Year, so collective consciousness brings a shift with the date, even if it’s just the concept of letting go of the old and ringing in the new. Considering we’re starting the New Year off with a Full Moon, which is a culminating and ending energy, “letting go of the old before we can ring in the new” is one of the major themes of the year.

Here’s a quote from Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s latest newsletter:

“2018 begins with a lunatic influence. Right on January 1st, we experience the moon in her full glory. Full Moon represents an end and yet it takes place in the beginning of the year. It is not the best thing to start something on the Full Moon, let alone a new year. But thus 2018 synchronizes its beginning with an end and its end with a beginning. We can lament, panic, hide, prophesize disaster (Greek for “against stars”), or we can find a way to work the magic.

“When a year begins with a Full Moon, it tries to unite oppositions. It asks us to find a common ground between all forces that appear to be in conflict. “Appear to be,” as all is one and therefore there could be no oppositions unless they are only by appearance and not in substance. In other words, this is a paradoxical year. A year that allows us to see things upside down.

“Another way of interpreting the Full Moon initiation of 2018 is as a sign that this year is about ending things. The astrological formula is: Beginning = End. Therefore, if one wishes to start something, it needs to be embedded in an end.

“You want a new relationship? Fine, end whatever prevented you from getting one thus far. You want a new healthy lifestyle? Great! Cut out whatever is polluting your body. To simplify things: this year is a year to break patterns that kept us from achieving our true potential. Ends can help beginnings. That is the gift of the Full Moon New Year.”

The sweeping influence in the New Year is balance and polarity, or harmony and opposition. “Two” is the important concept as 2018 is a Master Number Eleven year (macrocosm of spiritual balance), which equals two (microcosm of personal balance). It’s a theme we’ll see over and over on all levels: with others, with community, with the world, in social, religious and political awareness, in relationships, in beliefs and very especially in self-awareness.

A recap of how we got here:

2016 was the last year of blatant Piscean Age energy being in charge. While few were aware of this on a conscious level, everyone had the gut feeling of change. The fear reaction to such a huge ending/beginning transition pushed the traditional ideology to the forefront with desperation so (as an example), the United States elected a Piscean Age Poster Boy as president – one who represented all that needed to change. Other countries faced the same dilemma, so we have world leaders who are still holding on tightly and with great fear to the Piscean Age concepts that gave them power. Other world leaders have moved their people into the Aquarian Age vibe of “humankind” instead of “mankind”.

Then 2017 was the year where the Piscean Age energy was cut off at the knees. It started the first ten-year cycle of the Aquarian Age, and immediately came up against those who didn’t want that intense change so they fought it. They struck back in the old, out-dated traditional male-domination response. That brought a bigger cry for equality which brought aggressive action to correct what was not equal. The outing of sexual abusers is a good example (not the only one). While those grasping at the old acted in desperate self-preservation, those embracing the new did it with just as much intensity.

Sidebar: the outing of sexual abuse (and other oppression) is both a long-needed revelation and a test to see how we handle it. While the outing of many more abusers will continue, a few accusers will see this as an opportunity for revenge as their accusations won’t necessarily be true, or won’t be as true as they want them to be. This is where self-awareness growth comes in as this can easily become a “witch hunt”. Degrees of abuse and punishment for those who supported the abusers for financial and solidarity reasons will have to be addressed. Also be aware the general population has a tendency of getting tired of “shocking” news and will start ignoring or turning against it. There will be many permutations of this wave before change takes place in all walks of life. With the Aquarian Age vibe in place, this and other stuck beliefs in inequality will not go away until balance is achieved, even though it might take years to settle.


So here we are in 2018, where we either find balance or we live in opposition to self. Those choosing opposition will not just be experiencing it within self, but with the Earth and the shifting energy. It will be as if the entire world is against them, because in essence, they are their own worst enemy. Self-opposition can mean the body turns against itself resulting in sudden and extreme, frequently fatal, disease, and it can also mean sudden and extreme loss of self, i.e., profession, relationships, standing or what means the most to that individual.

People experiencing polarity will, as we have seen, take it out on everyone else in their fear and desperation but – good news – there will be less of them. Or less of their impact. Their importance and influence will not be anywhere near as strong as it has been. In some ways, that will make them yell louder, but yelling loudly alone is not anywhere near as influential as yelling in a group.

So be consciously aware of what has you and keeps you out of balance. Are you happy and content in your work, in your relationship, in your friendships and family? Are you happy in your path and purpose in life? Try courageously seeing what works for you and what doesn’t. While we can’t always change what doesn’t work immediately, being aware of it and having a plan to change it (and acting on that plan) is the goal.

Some of the imbalance has been dictated by the way we’ve set up our society and how we accept the “norms”. We don’t have to accept these norms anymore in our hearts or actions. We are all part of this brave new world and those who embrace the change will flourish while those who don’t, won’t. Things need to change everywhere. The fastest and most efficient way of affecting that change is to start with self.

As we face the tremendous change and challenges of this year, fear will still run high. But please remember, we got here (specifically in the macrocosmic lessons our government represents) because Divine Intervention stepped in on election day to force us to get through this transition as quickly as possible. We are still in the grace of Divine Intervention so when events and the news can seem overwhelmingly bad and scary, know there is a plan and the negative and fearful brings in only a road of resolution to “bring us all into the light”.

As this is a “Two” Year, the second part of my 2018 New Year report follows up tomorrow with Gahl Sasson’s take on what’s coming up for us. There will also be further information on trends and shifting energy for the year next week and again when we get closer to the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog in mid-February.

In the meantime, let go of the old, of what has held you back and embrace the new energy of the year and what it can offer. Focus on balance, using the polarity and opposition observed in others as an example of how not to be. When we achieve balance for ourselves, the Aquarian Age energy supports us and stops us from sliding back. Make the effort for self and that inevitably changes the world.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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