Since the election, we have been filled with fear. As we face the Chaos of Trump and the unknown effects his actions will cause, fear is building. Our real fear isn’t all about Trump, but he is an easy focal point. We’re in the thick of it. In multiple levels of it. In ways we as humans have never experienced, even though we’ve lived previous lives in, and been conditioned by, the fear-mentality of the Piscean Age (fear being used as the main oppressive tool for the few to control the many). Read More


With the never-ending, expanding-into-chaos ridiculousness Trump has given us last week in his first all-by-himself press conference (and during his first weeks in office), I’ve had many clients asking if he’s going to make it to the two years and three months I originally saw for his “reign”. With the unabashed speed with which he’s rolling out his stupidity, I doubt it – unless the impeachment procedure starts now and just takes that long. But I don’t think so. All bets are off. No one knows what happens next. We are in the unknown with our Piscean/Aquarian Age shift, so why should our politics be any different?
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FYI, this one is longer than usual. But worth it, I think.

I mentioned in a previous blog that death is prevalent for us this year – humans and animals. While most humans have gotten very skewed in how we think of and accept death (with fear, resentment, and anger), animals have not. To them, it’s a natural process. Humans can put their fear of death and fear of loss of a companion into the mix when facing an animal’s death, which makes it harder for the animal. Frequently, we don’t know what to do, or what’s the best thing to do for them. Perhaps these two articles can help.
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When the energy shifted into the vibe of 2017 on Friday, January 28 (Year of the Fire Rooster!), the weight of ten years of self-reflection, inner work/healing, and realization came off our shoulders. That gave us two very clear categories as we start the next ten-year cycle: we leap forward or we shoot ourselves in the foot.

For many of us who are leaping forward, what’s happened this past week, however, was that our feeling of relief was immediately overwhelmed by the sorrow of the plight of others who didn’t do their self-work. With those of us in-tune and more clearly able to harmonize ourselves with the refined Aquarian Age vibration, we’re now recognizing that all of humanity is connected in visceral, previously unrealized ways. Read More