This is not an easy one to write, nor I’m sure an easy one to read, but I feel it’s always important to be prepared for everything that’s coming. While we know that the two choices this year are to leap forward or to shoot oneself in the foot, the other option is to leave. Not the country, but the living. And I’m not talking about suicide.

2016 brought a lot of deaths, visibly so in the public arena. From David Bowie and Prince to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Death was also rampant in our personal lives. And I feel 2017 will bring even more. I’ve had two deaths in my family last week and, through clients, friends and acquaintances, know of twelve more that have already happened or are on the brink, some of them animals. Read More


On Friday, January 20, we enter the Age of Trump, which is going to be much shorter than expected. We’ve got about two years of him in office (I’ve seen two years, three months, other psychics have seen just two years). Given the length of the Zodiacal Ages that span 2,000 years each (Piscean into Aquarian right now), this is a drop in the bucket. Even four years would be a drop in the bucket. But an event that spans two years can be very long when we deal with the in-and-out details of issues that affect us adversely every day! Read More

LOSING CONTROL (It’s a good thing)


Mercury is now direct as of Sunday, January 8, ending the fourth of four retrogrades in 2016 and starting the four of four in 2017! Expect a little light-headedness, confusion, and an inability to concentrate this week as the oppressive energy is lifted. Even though this one was less oppressive than any of the others last year, these reactions are standard coming out of a retrograde. Read More


2017 has so much going on, it needs more than one posting to cover it. So look for my take on our political and global shifts on Monday, January 16th, (before the Inauguration on Friday the 20th), and what to expect from the Year of the Fire Rooster on Monday, January 23rd (to prep for the Chinese New Year/New Moon on January 28th). Meanwhile, here’s some info on the general feel of the year, what our lessons will be and how to deal with it all.

Be aware – this year is a big deal! We’ve finished a very hard ten-year run of pulling ourselves out of Piscean Age concepts with great success only to seemingly come to a screeching halt with the election. “Seemingly” is the key word here. This year is defined by the polarity of people who think they’ve regained control being stopped and smacked in the face regularly, while people who have done all the right things without success speeding forward with the grace of God (or Goddess, Creator, Spirit). So, hold on! This will be interesting. Read More