On Saturday, January 28, we finally come into the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster and the energy shift into 2017! The normally fiery personality of Rooster coupled with it being a Fire Year doubles action, brings enthusiasm and energy into everything we feel and do and uplifts how we accomplish our journey forward. Hope and action are key concepts this year led by common sense and good values which come back into style.

2016 felt much longer than a single year as it’s been the culmination of a ten year cycle that got pretty intense at the end. Challenges and lessons we’ve overcome and learned (or not) over those ten years propel us into a brand new energy. This year is the foundation for our next ten years. And beyond.

This Year of the Fire Rooster brings clarity and possibility in moving forward that we haven’t had for a really long time. This is our first “new beginning” (a numerological “ten” or “one” year) since we shifted into the Aquarian Age on December 21, 2012. So it’s our first new unadulterated encounter with pure Aquarian Age energy. As Rooster is the first to wake in the morning and wakes everyone else, it’s appropriate that his “wake-up” year coincides with a “new beginning”.

Of course, we’re still purging ourselves of Piscean Age hold-outs in concepts and the people sticking to them. So our challenges and opportunities this year, following the last ten of self-focused inner growth, are about our outward growth, how we put to use our new inner awareness and how we proceed honed by the negativity we face. The Great Negative Lesson we have this year shows us very clearly how we don’t want to be. Rooster shows us how we do want to be.

There is no more middle of the road. The Year of the Fire Rooster offers either tremendous leaps ahead or seriously shooting oneself in the foot, depending on how much we learned over the last ten years and how well we adapt to the pure Aquarian Age vibe. Most people are so ready to move forward, it will be clear quickly that the Aquarian Age vibe is in charge.

The site, www.astrologyclub.org, has great information about the Year of the Fire Rooster. Please check it out for a more in-depth account of what to expect this year, including lists of famous/infamous people and events from past Rooster years and helpful Feng Shui suggestions to take advantage of the new energy. Here are some excerpts:

This year of the Fire Rooster, impressions count. You’ll want to look your best and be clear on your intentions concerning love, money, and business. Stick to practical and well-proven paths to ensure success, rather than risky ventures. It’s traditional on the first day of the new year to clean houses, pay off all debt, purchase new clothes, paint doors, and even get new haircuts in order to have a fresh start for the new year.

In a Rooster Year, all of the Chinese animals can reap great rewards by tapping into Rooster traits. Loyalty, commitment, hard work, family values, and top-notch appearances are just some of the characteristics that will be rewarded this year. Rooster is also considered to be honorable and upstanding, resilient, brave, loyal, a hard worker, astute, a fashionable dresser, charming and witty. Complex, creative and artistic, Rooster is drawn to religious and spiritual studies, especially regarding healing. Problem solving is a special talent.

Rooster is a very fertile bird, therefore, 2017 will also be fertile. Expect a pleasant addition to your household. In case you’re still single, this will be the best time to find the love of your life and form a family of your own. There will be an abundance of romantic dates.

Roosters are also communal birds so 2017 promises to be lucky for joint ventures. Refrain from making speculative ventures – no wild goose chases this year or disappointment and conflict result. Sign as many business contracts as possible and form new partnerships. However, no matter the business, family interests should always come first! Your circle of friends will definitely expand.

The Rooster is proud of his appearance. This year invest in some really nice wardrobe items to make the best impression and be very well groomed in public. Medical advances are likely, old drugs and medicines will be rejected in favor of improved alternatives. Herbs, vitamins and yoga practices, consumption of health foods as well as the rejection of smoking and alcohol abuse continues to be a preference for more and more people.

The motto for this Year of the Rooster should be “Keep It Simple” and don’t take offense at the slightest provocation. We will hear more cutting criticisms of those in the public life and feathers might well fly as prides are dented, nevertheless all will benefit from the rude awakening. Despite a fuss and a flap, we can expect prudence to be key in economic matters for the Rooster is a good money manager.

Politically, the Year of the Rooster is a year when most nations will adhere to hard-line policies. Governments around the world will puff up like the Rooster, flexing muscles and making threats but probably not following through unless faced with no other solution. Most nations will be most concerned with protecting the homeland and, unfortunately, it will be a year when most leaders and countrymen will take offense over the smallest thing. Despite that, diplomacy will lead.

For the United States, Rooster brings a more moderate and stable time to pursue what it has set out to do. It will be an exhausting year for the U.S., ending with commitments that will have to be fulfilled. The U.S. must not underestimate its opponents.

The Rooster likes to flaunt his authority and a lot of trouble can come from his domineering attitude. But since he also symbolizes the good administrator and conscientious overseer of justice in the barnyard, the peace will still be kept. Everything will be precariously balanced in the Rooster’s year, as his dramatic personality can set off all kinds of petty disputes.

Sometimes, Rooster is translated into Phoenix bringing a more spiritual translation with the potential for personal evolution. Should the spiritual journey of transformation become too challenging in 2017, then you revert to the role of (dark-side) rooster, resisting change, and scratching and pecking for every grub and worm. So strive to keep your beak to the wind and consciously seek ways to grow and transform.

If spiritually inclined, Phoenix people can develop prophetic abilities. Just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes to create new life, the mystically inclined Phoenix can overcome all obstacles and create opportunities for new beginnings. The choice is yours.

So, basically, we’re coming into an exciting year of possibilities. This last week of old energy, however, will take its toll before we make the shift on January 28. The days leading up to a New Moon always scramble our world no matter how enlightened we are. Add on that it’s the last of 2016 energy and that the Inauguration just brought us our most focused, challenging, in-your-face Piscean Age/Aquarian Age shift we’ve had yet, this will be quite a week. Emotions will run high and we will be over-sensitive. Harmless statements can take on negative connotations and we will be impatient to get on with it!

But within the first weeks of the Energetic New Year, we will feel a weight lifted off our shoulders we didn’t realize was there. We will know that accomplishment can happen now, when trying hasn’t resulted in achieving for years. We spent ten years working on self. Now we begin ten years of perfecting that self by working with others and the world.

Almost all of my New Year readings since the end of 2016 have been incredibly positive. I knew 2017 was going to be a surge forward in a positive way, but it has been really nice to have that confirmed in almost every reading I’ve done.

To program the new energy for this wonderful New Year, set intentions and resolutions on Saturday, January 28 in some kind of ceremony, even if it’s just writing your intentions on paper and burning them to release their potential (appropriate action for a Fire Year). Write them or speak them in first person, present tense without using negatives or the words of lack (wish, desire, want, need). Do something to set off the year of action with action and the reward comes faster than we think!

I offer this with love and gratitude and excitement…

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