2017 has so much going on, it needs more than one posting to cover it. So look for my take on our political and global shifts on Monday, January 16th, (before the Inauguration on Friday the 20th), and what to expect from the Year of the Fire Rooster on Monday, January 23rd (to prep for the Chinese New Year/New Moon on January 28th). Meanwhile, here’s some info on the general feel of the year, what our lessons will be and how to deal with it all.

Be aware – this year is a big deal! We’ve finished a very hard ten-year run of pulling ourselves out of Piscean Age concepts with great success only to seemingly come to a screeching halt with the election. “Seemingly” is the key word here. This year is defined by the polarity of people who think they’ve regained control being stopped and smacked in the face regularly, while people who have done all the right things without success speeding forward with the grace of God (or Goddess, Creator, Spirit). So, hold on! This will be interesting.

While we are entering our Western calendar New Year on January 1st (a ten year of new beginnings following 2016’s nine year of completion), the energy of 2016 doesn’t shift until the Chinese New Year/New Moon on January 28th. Even though that gives us two New Year celebrations, it can also leave us with a lot of anxiety and chaos in January.

With 2016 having been such a challenging year, expectations are high that January 1st brings new energy and change to make the overpowering dark cloud of 2016 disappear. It won’t. The 2016 Dark Cloud Energy is with us until the end of January. Add the build-up of the final push of last year’s merciless lessons to desperate expectation and change-that-is-not-happening, and we get a lot of very angry, frustrated, resentful and fearful reactions. Many people will have no problem taking their anger, frustration, resentment and fear out on any and everyone around them.

But that’s not how the rest of 2017 goes! Gahl Sasson, Master Astrologer and general Man of Wisdom, has this to say about our New Year:

“2017 promises to be somewhat problematic. It starts with a Mercury Retrograde (one of four in the next twelve months) and in addition, will be crowned with a Venus Retrograde (March 3rd – April 15th). But however difficult, it is also a very special year. Not only is it a year of oneness (in Numerology 2017 adds up to 10 and reduced to 1), it also is the convergence of Solar and Lunar cycles that happens once in 19 years.

“In case you have not noticed, Hanuka, the Jewish celebration of light, takes place December 24th right on Christmas, which is the pagan and Christian celebration of light. Since the Jewish calendar is lunar and the Christian solar, this year of oneness begins with the wedding of the Sun and the Moon.

“The Sun Moon conjunction is called a New Moon and it is the best symbol for 2017, the year of the Call to Action and new beginnings. But this is not only a Western assessment of the energies of 2017. Since it is the year of oneness, we can expect the East to concord and indeed, the Year of the Rooster, nature’s alarm clock, beginning on the New Moon January 28th, is the ultimate manifestation of what Joseph Campbell dubbed, the Call for Adventure. An interesting synchronicity is that the Rooster is the 10th branch of the Chinese Zodiac, and 2017 adds up to 10 and reduced back to 1, hence oneness.

“This year, as the Sun and the Moon make love, you will hear your Call to Action, your Burning Bush moment, a Call for Adventure. Celebrate the holidays of light with the knowledge that 2017 is the year of balance between Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine, career and home, I and thou, me and us.”

While the Year of the Fire Rooster is “nature’s alarm clock”, as Gahl said, it is also considered the moral center of the Zodiac. Even though we might expect to be without common sense in 2017 based on the actions and decisions made in 2016, that is not the case. Learning the harmony of “oneness” comes from balance (which gives us the harmony) and polarity/opposition (which shows us where we’re out of harmony).

This year the Piscean Age loses it’s hold while the Aquarian Age takes over. “A Year of Balance” is a very Aquarian Age concept as the tenets of the Age are balance, harmony, communication and Humankind instead of Mankind. 2016 was the last year of seemingly unchallenged Piscean Age power-over energy. It will be very hard for the Piscean Age hold-outs to deal with their loss of power when it’s cut in half on January 28th. Especially since all their machinations of 2016 made them believe they’ve set themselves up for a big power-for-themselves year in 2017. Their waking up will be the main polarity/opposition theme throughout the year.

Most people will be able to have really great forward motion, accomplish what hasn’t been available to accomplish for ten years and will see rewards for the hard work we’ve done, while others will fail miserably by trying to recreate and hold onto the past. Since the energy will shift into power-within rather than power-over, these hold outs will have a very uncomfortable year trying to control a changing world, much like they’re trying to hold water in their hands while it seeps through their fingers.

The many who are moving forward will have varying degrees of not just good but great experiences this year. The desperation energy of those who are stuck and throwing temper tantrums can be annoying but can’t get in the way of the forward motion of others. In the face of stuck-ness, tough love, a steady hand and time-outs win the day (although in this case, the time-outs are removing ourselves or what we “control” in our world from the presence of those who are stuck rather than putting them in a corner).


Trust. This year, one of our chief lessons is to know that we have no control. We never did. As mankind was learning our lessons over the last 2,000 years, we were allowed to believe we had control, the way parents let their children think that they’re in control so they can build self-awareness. But all we’ve ever had control over is who we are and how we present it. That will be more and more apparent as the year moves forward.

Having no control is not a fearful prospect. We have always been taken care of. So, more than any other lesson this year, learn to Let Go, Let God (or Goddess, Creator, Spirit). Trust that we’ve done the work we needed to do even if we don’t feel it on the surface.

With the pressure of 2016 off, we can move out of our own way to allow the ease of the energy to guide us. Trusting self is a good way to start. If we trust that God/Goddess/Creator/Spirit has our backs in ways we haven’t been able to perceive before, we’ll also trust our own inner voices.

Protect Self. Be very aware of energy being thrown around that is someone else’s wave of anger, frustration, resentment and fear. Build an energetic defensive shield of personal body armor to make sure we don’t pick up what isn’t ours or send out what can harm others. If you already know how to create a sphere of protection around yourself, do it daily. If you don’t, look for my Audio Meditations to be on my website shortly. One meditation guides you in detail to build psychic/energetic protection while another shorter version takes you through the same meditation quickly once you know what you’re doing.

Consciously Stop Listening to the Father Voice. The father authority has had us in its grip as the prevailing ruling, disciplinary and fear-instilling force for the last 2,000 years. The parental voice, our main connection with learning in early life, brings an automatic response of listening and believing whatever the voice says, even if we become aware that the voice tells lies a split second after it speaks. That first response of listening and believing is what we’re coming to grips with this year. And we’ll have plenty of opportunity with the government playing its games (why do you think Spirit allowed someone who so clearly represents that authority get elected?) We are no longer in the vibration that gives that voice power. But we need to know that in a conscious way.

This recognition of the Father Voice also sparks our innate ability to differentiate lies from truth. We all can feel the difference in vibrations between the two but it’s been within us right under the surface so far and only needs a little nudge to become consciously useful.

Be Aware of the Energy Around Us. Become aware of not just the energy of the day, people’s vibes and the rhythms that exist, but how we are responding to them. We are affected daily by the Earth’s position in the Cosmos (as we pass through magnetic fields, Photon belt), the position of the planets around us (including Sunspots and Solar flares), and the way the Earth grows and responds to the outer influence (Cosmos, other planets, the Sun). We’re also more closely affected by the way others respond to all of the previous and, finally, the way we respond, giving off our own reactions to others. That happens every second of every day. It may seem exhausting to think about, but it’s been happening every second of every day without us being aware. Now we start to become aware naturally. We can be more so if we actually pay attention to it.

Let Go of the “Shoulds”. Be aware every time we think, say or hear “should”, it’s an ego statement and judgment that is not who we are. It has no basis in reality. Here’s a trick for dealing with self-doubt or the “shoulds” coming up: to negate any unproductive thought or word, immediately say, “I take that out of the Law”. It stops the power of the thought or word and reprograms us that we are far more together, centered and in our own power-within than we’ve been told we are.

As we move further into 2017 and become more sensitive and open to the vibes around us, we become more acutely affected by the energy changes that come with Inner Planet retrogrades (Mercury, Venus, Mars) and the aspects of the Moon. If we know about these events, we can handle them, ourselves and our daily activities better. To help us be more aware, I will be posting the activity and affects of these events as they come up. Right now, only Mercury is retrograde. It goes direct on January 8th. The Full Moon is on January 12th, with the New Moon (obviously) on January 28th. More on all that as we get closer.

Meanwhile, survive January, save action and forward motion until after January 8th (or much better, until after January 28th) and look forward to a Big Bang Year. It may not happen on January 29th, but I bet we’ll all feel a shift of the oppressive anvil of 2016 falling off our shoulders as February sets us up for the rest of 2017!

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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