This is not an easy one to write, nor I’m sure an easy one to read, but I feel it’s always important to be prepared for everything that’s coming. While we know that the two choices this year are to leap forward or to shoot oneself in the foot, the other option is to leave. Not the country, but the living. And I’m not talking about suicide.

2016 brought a lot of deaths, visibly so in the public arena. From David Bowie and Prince to Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Death was also rampant in our personal lives. And I feel 2017 will bring even more. I’ve had two deaths in my family last week and, through clients, friends and acquaintances, know of twelve more that have already happened or are on the brink, some of them animals.

What’s happening is that the vibrational changes that make this year so energetically different also make many people let go rather than trying to adapt or adjust one more time. This isn’t about stubbornness or not wanting to change. It’s actually a release for people who can’t shift as fast as the vibrations are shifting. It’s about having lived with difficult changes and challenges and being too tired to do it again when the energy is so fundamentally different.

It’s like being born in the United States and living through challenge after challenge and paying off/healing personal karma for years in a recognizable rhythm (our society and standards). It’s exhausting but we manage to hold on and maintain when we have the basic comfort of knowing that we belong.

Then suddenly we get dropped in mainland China and have to adjust to something completely different for the rest of our lives. We have to learn and develop a new rhythm in a very foreign society with different standards in a place we feel we don’t belong. It can be overwhelming. The choice to let go can be the easier growth.

So far in January this year, before we hit the Energetic New Year on the 28th, many who have been sick have already let go. Many who have been lingering will be letting go within the next few weeks. Death isn’t going to be limited to those who are older or already with health difficulties. And it won’t be limited to humans. Our animals are also affected. Our pets work hard every day to channel and ground the energy we’re dealing with. When a whole new level of challenges faces us, some of our animals, like humans, just can’t handle the accelerated fundamental energetic difference.

I don’t write this to scare anybody. Death is an organic part of life. Piscean Age concepts made death a scary ending because it was the most effective way of controlling the population. Anyone who has experienced a loved one suffering for months or years knows death can be a sweet release and relief. Even if it comes suddenly.

Know that we will again be with everyone we love who dies – not just on the Other Side, but in another life. That might not help when grieving, but know it isn’t an easy choice for anyone. If a loved one or friend in your life lets go, know there was a deep reason that might not show on the surface. No matter how much we wish it wouldn’t happen, it is never a wrong move for those who pass. Even if they’re afraid, there is comfort and love and healing on the Other Side. And a release and relief from what is too hard to face.


When, in the course of my readings, I get multiple warnings for different people in different locations, I know there is a trend I need to pay attention to. This one is about two new viruses that have mutated beyond our current antibiotics that will make their rounds between now and the end of spring.

The first has already started showing up and will continue well into May. It starts like allergies – nothing really too strong. But never seems to go away. If not taken seriously, it chips away at health until more difficult problems show up, like pneumonia or bronchitis.

The second starts more toward the end of March and is more of a flu-like virus that knocks you down hard then stays and stays. Even when you think you’ve got a handle on it, start to feel better, and stop taking what helps it to resume daily activity, it will come back stronger and lay you out longer. This one can last in full strength for a month or longer if you don’t nip it in the bud immediately.

The standard antibiotics are not going to help because – again – what medicine we have does not cover these mutated viruses. That means the standard flu shot may help with what lingers from previous infections, but not these – these are immune.

The key is to build up your immune system now and keep it built up. That’s using Vitamin C, Zinc, Colloidal Silver – whatever your body responds to best. Take doses that may be above the Drug Administration’s daily recommended doses (generally, the USDA does not understand nor believe in the benefit of non-prescription supplements so their information is faulty). Learn muscle testing to be able to have your body tell you what it needs. Or find an alternative health care professional. The AMA is behind the times in what needs to be done here.

This is about taking care of ourselves, in eating foods that build the body, not just maintain it or hurt it, and in learning how to deal with stress, not just putting up with it or putting it aside. Stress is as much of a threat to our immune system as if we took small doses of poison every day. So take up meditation, Qi Gong or Tai Chi to help there. Meanwhile, any processed or frozen foods hurt the immune system. Wheat, dairy and sugar hurt the immune system.

If you start feeling the beginnings of any health challenge, immediately boost the supplements even more for 24 to 48 hours and stop eating anything with wheat, dairy or sugar. Those three breed the virus in your system so no matter what you take to heal, even antibiotics, you never get rid of the virus because it nestles in your digestive tract with the wheat, dairy and sugar and resurfaces eventually. So just when you think you’re feeling better, it smacks you down.

We are going to need to be in full health to handle the challenges and joys of this year. Our society has developed in such a way that taking off work because of a cold or flu is unacceptable because even over-the-counter medicine can get you functioning while still sick. We are changing our way of thinking by having these short-term illnesses force us to look at the rhythm we created for ourselves (society) vs. our natural rhythm (nature). And to look at how we take care of ourselves instead of just getting by.

I offer this with love and gratitude…

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