As we move into the rest of this holiday season, people will be filled with Good Cheer despite the fact that this has not been a very happy year. Fear is still all over the place with the uncertainty of our future, the changes anticipated and the negative lessons on the horizon. We’re all moving forward with great anxiety.

But more than at any other time of the year, now brings a tradition of Good Cheer. We expect it during the holidays. Whether it’s a little forced or put up with or genuine, many do have gratitude, a sense of peace and hearts full of love because of the season, whatever Holy Day is celebrated. Read More


There was a moment in the 1980s when I felt an overnight energetic shift in how the younger, coming-of-age generation perceived lying in the media. It dealt specifically in how “truth in advertising” was suddenly and consciously questioned and then disbelieved. I became aware of the lies that advertisers were presenting in ways that I hadn’t noticed before. Then I watched as, over decades, lying became more and more commonplace not just in advertising, but in how we see the world.

Let’s go back to what started the change in how we accept lying as standard now – the “modern” awakening in the 1950s. Obviously, there was a whole system of lies before the 50s – the lies that the Piscean Age mentality used to keep people in their place, such as “Black people are inherently stupid” and “cigarettes are good for you”. Read More


Before we get to the SuperMoon info (which is pretty tremendous), one more note on “The Election That Has Turned the World Upside Down”.

Up until the morning of election day, I KNEW Hillary was going to win. But when I woke on Tuesday morning, I had a sense of dread that wasn’t associated with this Year of Fear. So something shifted overnight that came from a source higher than the masses of Piscean Age holdouts. It was as if Spirit stepped up and decided the best way for the holdouts to get with the program was to give them their head. It’s like giving your dog a long, long leash, letting him run and run and run, allowing him to discipline himself before the lead runs out. He will strangle himself if he doesn’t. It happens all the time with people. It’s now going to happen with a group of them. Read More


This year, with all its difficulties, has been helping us grow by making us look back on what brought us to where we are now. Many aren’t liking the energy and are refusing to examine how their choices got them here. But many are. I am one of them. I have been in self-reflection mode all year and I’ve come to some clarity within. I’d like to share that here as I have found it has helped clients when I’ve spoken of it in readings.

I’ve always been really smart. I’ve always had an excellent memory (I can still recite all the prepositions of the English language I learned in sixth grade). And I usually think faster than most people around me. Part of that is natural psychic awareness and part is because, growing up, I needed to think and speak fast to get my point across before my mother interrupted me. Read More


(if you care to read my sum-up)

(without apology to anyone who disagrees)

My cousin left me a message earlier today:

“I was surprised to see that the sun came up this morning. But then it’s early days yet. I am

profoundly depressed, disgusted, humiliated, embarrassed, and so disappointed. I thought America was an enlightened place, at least the majority. I am in disbelief. American just trounced on accepting the Aquarian Age. It doesn’t look like they’re ready for it. Doesn’t look like they’re ready to move forward at all. Read More