What’s going on in our world today? I’ve gotten that question a lot recently. The answer is simple yet very complicated. It’s all about fear. Not the obvious fear that is caused by an attempted coup in Turkey, terrorist activity in Nice and Munich, shootings in the United States and not knowing who our next world leaders will be (the United States is not the only country with leadership issues).

At the base of all these activities, there is a different fear that caused these actions in the first place. It’s hard to fathom that Turkish dissidents, terrorists or shooters are acting out of fear instead of arrogance, anger and hatred, but they are. It comes from the deepest fear of all – that the world is changing and we no longer have control over it or know our place in the new paradigm. It’s fear of the true unknown in a way we haven’t experienced for 2,000 years. Read More



Mars is now direct. Yeah! As of July 1, we are clear of its retrograde energy.

This past holiday weekend in the USA, with its celebrations (drinking, eating and laughing) and the explosions of fireworks, was the perfect release and catharsis to clear up the challenging and oppressive energy of the Mars retrograde lessons. On Tuesday, July 5, it’s like we’re starting the year anew. Read More