On July 25, Venus, the planet of love and abundance, went retrograde until September 6. On July 26, Uranus, the planet of unexpected change and rebelliousness, also went retrograde until December 26. That means as we come into August, five out of eight retrograde-able planets are seemingly moving backwards, giving us opportunities to face things about ourselves and how we look at and interact with the world. Read More

Appreciate Circle

For those who do ritual and would like a new one, those who do not but would like to start or those who would like a different way to celebrate an occasion, I offer my Appreciation Circle.

Years ago, I created this gathering to celebrate the birthday of one of my covenmates. It was simple and yet very touching. It was so successful, we continued holding it for everyone in the group on their birthdays. I later introduced it into other groups that came into my life. Here is the gist of what it’s all about: Read More


In past times, the year was divided into two seasons: summer and winter. Summer started on May 1; winter on November 1. The beginning of November was also considered the beginning of the New Year.

With all the importance we attribute to the celebration of New Year’s Eve on December 31, the same importance was given to All Hallow’s Eve on October 31. Except it was a solemn and sacred time, requiring a more solemn and sacred ritual than our current New Year’s Eve’s heavy partying and hopeful but easily broken resolutions . Read More


A while back I wrote my opinion on the variety and quality (or lack thereof) of psychics. I later received a message from a client asking if the “scam” part of the psychic profession also pertained to healers, spiritual teachers and shamans. My answer: an unfortunate but resounding, YES! Whether it’s intended or not, there are a lot of people who are in these professions for their own personal gain, even if they are unaware of it, and many more because it strokes their egos.

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