I Survived the Storms of Central Texas

After all the historic weather we’ve been having in Central Texas, I thought I’d let you know that I’m all right and survived the Memorial Day Weekend experience with no damage. Thank you to all who checked in with me to make sure I was ok.

On Saturday, May 23, it started raining in my area around three in the afternoon, with accompanying thunder and lightning. It lasted 13 hours non-stop, with accompanying thunder and lightning throughout. The rain came down HARD, as if someone had opened up a fire hose above my house. Scary. But as I’ve come to understand, the statement that everything is bigger in Texas is so very true. The thunder storms are exceptionally bigger, too, and I’ve been learning to take them in stride. Even though this was really extreme.
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Mercury Retrograde May 2015

We’ve got a Mercury retrograde coming up May 18 through June 12. This brings the usual miscommunication, travel mishaps, electronic blow-ups and unexpected automobile repairs which can slow us down and be huge inconveniences in our busy, fast-paced, goal-oriented world. However, one of the reasons Mercury going retrograde can help us so much is that it gives us time to catch our breath even – especially – when we don’t want to.
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Aquarian Age Health Challenges

As we move further into the higher vibration of the Aquarian Age, we are adjusting on multiple levels, experiencing inexplicable sensitivities to people, situations and food that never bothered us before. And not just on an energetic level. There are strong physical reactions to what we used to be able to put up with or eat, even compared to two or three months ago. Read More


This is a big week, a defining week, indicating a shift in energy we’ve been working on – and waiting for – for quite a while. It brings an ability to experience inner peace and a re-focusing of purpose in this year of calm and opportunity (which for many hasn’t seemed that calm or filled with possibilities so far). But wait for it. Read More


As we move further into this year of possibilities, many are experiencing self-judgment coming up as if it has never been healed. These remnants feel just as potent and intense because they are the last vestiges of this lifetime or past lifetime lessons that we are really ready to release in all aspects of our being. It’s as if they have to rear their ugly heads one last time before we can fully let them go. Read More


2015 brings a lifting of the heavy energy and lessons we’ve had sitting on us for several years. The past 18 months have been especially intense; the last four months of 2014 were ridiculously hard. So 2015 finally feels like a New Year. And it is, although the newness didn’t really start until the energy shifted on the Chinese New Year on February 19 (the Year of the Wood Sheep). Read More


Happy New Year! Again!

On Thursday, February 19, we move into the Chinese Year of the Wood Sheep (or Goat) until February 7, 2016. Sheep correlates to Western Astrology’s sign of Cancer, so the home, family and ones roots are all very important this year. Not just in having comfort in the home, but in repairing relationships with those closest to us and developing a community feel with people of like mind. Read More


Mercury Direct

Mercury is direct on Wednesday, February 11. Yeah!

While this is good news for us being able to get on with our lives, we always have a reaction for the first couple of days. As we become more sensitive to the shifting energy and vibrations of the Aquarian Age, we feel all planetary activity more intensely: the retrogrades of all the planets, the phases of the Moon, the oppositions and sextiles and conjunctions. We don’t need to know astrology to be affected by what’s going on in our solar system. Read More


Every new year we hope for a fresh start to lift us up after difficulties of the year before. In the past five years, the hope we experienced with that new beginning seemed to fade as we came up against hard karmic lessons and paybacks that never seemed to end. So the “new” in New Year hasn’t really brought anything that seemed different or uplifting. And 2014 was probably the most difficult year we’ve experienced in a long, long time.


Welcome to 2015, putting the “new” back in Happy New Year!

This year brings a lightness of energy and an ability to accomplish what has seemed fraught with obstacles, bogged down, foggy or impossible to get done. However, January is always that pause between the end of the old and the beginning of the new. It brings a time for reassessment not just of where we’ve been and where we want to go, but of our inner blocks or realizations that have either gotten in our way or led us through dark times. Read More


Happy New Year!

As we move out of a very difficult year and into the fresh outlook of a new one, sometimes it’s good to have a little help in knowing what to expect so we can be prepared to tackle what’s coming in. As I say on my website, “The ability to see what is beyond is but a road map to help in life when life becomes muddled and confused.”

We’ve had a lot of muddled and confused in 2014; hopefully 2015 brings a much better path for us all. Here are three readings I believe can offer that road map to help in getting a good start in the new year. Read More