Happy New Year! Again!

On Thursday, February 19, we move into the Chinese Year of the Wood Sheep (or Goat) until February 7, 2016. Sheep correlates to Western Astrology’s sign of Cancer, so the home, family and ones roots are all very important this year. Not just in having comfort in the home, but in repairing relationships with those closest to us and developing a community feel with people of like mind.

The Wood Sheep brings a calm, gentle and creative energy to us this year, promoting thoughtfulness and honesty in a helpful way. It brings a release from the stress we’ve been under the last several years, if we can let the stress go ourselves. The key words to describe this year are “calm”, “creative” and “helpful”.

After all the turmoil of the last five to seven years in preparing to, then moving into, the Aquarian Age, we are now ready to shift from our energetically imposed self-reassessment into putting all we learned into action. We’re using our newly acquired “power-within” to bring a different rhythm to the world and a different level of success for ourselves. With the energy of the Wood Sheep, we realize our success not by forcing it but by being calm, gentle, creative, thoughtful and helpful. A completely different approach than we’ve been used to.

While we test these new waters, we need to have a safe, cozy place to recharge our batteries after being out in the world. Consciousness is changing very quickly. Many still hang on to the old ways, purposefully being very stuck. That can be extremely draining for those who have graduated to a more refined vibration of self-awareness – lower-vibe negative energy is always more acutely felt as we move into higher vibes. We need that supportive home environment where we can completely be ourselves and know that soul-to-soul connection of understanding and acceptance.

There are two main themes of the Year of the Wood Sheep:

Firstly, this is a fortunate and important year to pay off debt (big, long-term items such as mortgages and student loans do not fall in this category). Seriously work on getting out of any debt and getting finances in shape. Be very careful to avoid overspending this year. Sheep energy tends to spend. This year even those who are spendthrifts will feel like buying unneeded things. That’s good for retailers but not so good for everyone else.

The good news here is if we do make a concerted effort to pay off debt, get finances in line and avoid spending, the energy of the year helps us in getting that done. Just be aware that if we don’t take a hardline with our finances, that hardline will be drawn for us by the universe. Again, be calm, creative and helpful to yourself and others in this endeavor and it is easier than you think.

Secondly, the home needs to be clean, tidy and welcoming to comfort us all year long. Having a peaceful, supportive space to replenish personal energy is our most important focus this year as we set a new rhythm for the world. This is a big task and very energy-consuming. Humankind is gradually changing priorities from BIG business, BIG money, BIG stress, BIG accomplishments – all having pushed us out of our comfort zones – into establishing a more grounded, receptive energy. The Wood Sheep helps us make this transition.

Negativity and stress get stuck in dirt and clutter and spew their energy into our lives without us even thinking about it. They also get stuck in our walls, ceilings, floors, especially if there is carpeting, our furniture and drapes. The home then perpetuates this energy so we couldn’t recharge our own batteries if we tried. And we will all be more susceptible to feeling negative energy than we’ve ever been before.

Move furniture that has not been moved during this past year to clean behind and below it. Remove the clutter of things you don’t use but are keeping “just in case” or “just because”, especially piles of things that get in the way of the flow of energy in a room. If you haven’t used something within the last year, you don’t need it. Reorganize and de-clutter your closets, drawers and storage areas, making them tidy and clean. And try to keep them that way throughout the year.

If you get an opportunity, try cleansing the vibe in the home with the House Cleansing Instructions on my website (www.lauriejohnsonpsychic.com) under “Free Downloads”. It gives the home an energetic “face lift”. The process is time consuming and takes a commitment, but having done this for my own home and multiple clients’ homes, I can personally attest to the difference in energy and comfort it makes.

Sheep also love art and beauty in their environment. So this is a good year to decorate, or re-decorate, paint a room. Master Astrology and Feng Shui expert, Susan Levitt, of www.susanlevitt.com, has this to say about what you can do to invite positive, inspiring and helpful Wood Sheep energy into your home:

Where to start? Start at the front door. Clean out your entry to welcome all the good luck that will come into your home and place of business in 2015. Clean out the front porch, entry hall, lobby, or whatever the entry is where you live. Make this area clean, well lit, and inviting. Check the entry’s lighting fixtures, add a fresh coat of paint and a new rug to welcome the New Year of the Sheep.

When entering your home, what is the first thing seen? Your eye goes somewhere, so be observant in every room of your home. Make sure that the first thing seen in each room is inviting, clean, and inspiring when you enter. You do not want to see a pile of paperwork or any type of mess. Organize each room so that the first thing seen sets a pleasant tone and makes the room inviting to enter.

In a Wood year, it’s fortunate to add plants, flowers, and healthy bamboo to your home and workplace. Fresh flowers bring fresh aroma that clears the air for the New Year, especially if your home feels dark, over heated or musty. Add beautiful flowers to welcome the New Year and to increase abundance. And plants offer fresh oxygen to improve health. The energy of a room is brightened by the addition of flowers and plants.

Lucky flowers are orchids, peonies, and lilies. Chrysanthemums have a scent that not everyone likes, so pay attention to scent. Roses are fine in a home or office, but remove them if there’s arguing (influence of the rose’s thorns.) Avoid thorny plants like a cactus, indoors or outdoors. Instead, grow lush plants that have soft round leaves like a jade plant or philodendron.

At work add green house plants with round leaves such as a lily (peace plant), jade, pothos, Chinese evergreen, or orchids with round leaves. If you do not have a green thumb, bring in fresh flowers on Monday to the office, or add silk flowers in lively colors. If you add a fish tank or fountain, be sure you can commit to the work involved in maintaining a tank or fountain. But a fountain in this Wood year is fortunate because Water is the mother of Wood, meaning that water added to wood (plants) helps growth.

Outdoors, it is more fortunate to have plants that stay ever green and do not ever lose their leaves. Bamboo is especially lucky in feng shui because as it grows, the new growth is stronger and longer. Bamboo sways gently in the wind, meaning that it is easily adaptable to change. But be sure your bamboo does not dry out and become yellowed. If you have bamboo, keep it watered and transfer it to a larger container when it outgrows the container it was in when you bought it.

Be sure that your plants stay healthy throughout the year. If not, recycle the withered plant and replace it with a fresh, healthy one. A bouquet of fresh flowers is excellent to add beauty, fragrance, and luck, but be sure to recycle the flowers when they lose energy and begin to wilt. No dead or dried flowers, and no potpourri.

Silk flowers are superb in feng shui because they are a wonderful way to add light and life to your environment. If you bring home a lovely orchid, after the flower wilts, cut away the dead stalk and insert a good-quality silk orchid into your container. Then your orchid seems to be always in bloom — instead of a dead stalk tied to a wooden stake.

With love and gratitude…

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