Happy New Year!

As we move out of a very difficult year and into the fresh outlook of a new one, sometimes it’s good to have a little help in knowing what to expect so we can be prepared to tackle what’s coming in. As I say on my website, “The ability to see what is beyond is but a road map to help in life when life becomes muddled and confused.”

We’ve had a lot of muddled and confused in 2014; hopefully 2015 brings a much better path for us all. Here are three readings I believe can offer that road map to help in getting a good start in the new year.

What’s Coming Up in 2015 Reading

This is an overall look at what to expect for yourself in 2015. Generally, it covers your personal growth for the year, your finances, your career and what you bring to it (or what you can change), your living situation, your health and your relationships with others – friends, family, business associates and lovers/spouses. I can let you know about potential bumps in the road to watch out for with suggestions how to avoid them. While some bumps are karmic and necessary to face, I can usually offer suggestions on how best to deal with them.

This reading can also encompass what to expect for your significant other and/or children and family members who are close to you, as in your parents or siblings. The depth of this information depends on what you want to know about those around you.

I usually start by asking a few questions that help me see your current path clearly such as your birthday, what you do for a living and the name and birthday of your spouse, boy/girlfriend or ex (if the ex is still having an affect on you). I also ask for the first names and birthdays of anyone else you want to know about.

We can usually cover a lot of basics in 30 minutes, but if you want information about others in your life, the reading can run between 30 minutes and an hour. Please consider that when you book.

Please be aware that free will and personal choice can change the outcome of any reading, especially those that are as far reaching as the coming year. Still, I can usually see when those crossroads will be presented and give you options on what happens, depending on your choices. And be aware that exact timing is very difficult to pin down because the energies that are giving me the info about what’s coming in exist in an environment where there is no time. That being said, I can still give you a good ball park to work with. And my accuracy over my last 25 years of readings is about 90%.

Past Life Reading

A Past Life Reading helps you understand why you think the way you think, do the things you do and have innate expectations and intense connections with people that don’t make logical sense. Our actions and judgments are constantly affected by influences from other lives without us consciously being aware of it.

By knowing more about where you came from, the social mores of the previous lives, the situations that defined and/or confined you, the relationships you had, what you accomplished or didn’t accomplish, the traumas you experienced and sometimes how you died, you can get a deeper knowledge of who you are now, why you chose to be born into your family and why you have certain relationships that feel vitally important but don’t work or aren’t satisfying, no matter what you do.

I am able to experience your past lives as if being in a movie: I not only see who you were and the life around you, but I feel your emotions and reactions. Many times, this will connect with arcs of lessons that follow you from one life to another. That helps me clarify the lessons that are in your current life.

I will ask for your birthday and a few other qualifying questions including if there is anything you remember about past lives, or any place or person you feel especially drawn to. No worries if you don’t remember a thing – I can see your past without it. A 30 minute reading usually covers what you need.

Life Purpose Reading

Many of us have no idea what our life purpose is. And sometimes what is recognized as life purpose is not what we think it should be or want it to be. Societal expectations, lack of self-awareness, karmic lessons, maturity or lack of maturity of soul can confuse us in knowing or remembering why we came here.

Over the years, I’ve been asked: “Why am I here?” “What am I supposed to be doing?” “What am I supposed to be learning?” “What have I missed in my personal development?” None of these are easy questions. They’re usually much harder if we try to answer them by ourselves.

The Life Purpose Reading helps define the overall theme of what you came into this life to learn and accomplish. It can frequently help you get back on your path if you’ve gotten off it, or it can move you further along by confirming what you might have suspected about your journey or already know.

I will again ask for your birthday and a few other questions about your life before we get started in the reading. We can usually get the clarity you need within a 30 minute session.

Vera Stanley Adler wrote in her monumentally enlightening book, “The Finding of the Third Eye”, that if you know “who you are”, “why you’re here” and “where you’re going”, everything else in your life falls into place. Knowing your life purpose answers all those questions.

When booking a reading, if you’d like any one of the above, please indicate that in the notes section of the booking form.

Here’s wishing us all a great good year full of growth, accomplishment, opportunity, understanding, compassion and love.

With love and gratitude…

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