Super Moon On September 9

For those of you doing any kind of honoring of the Full Moon – the first cleansing and releasing energy following our year of karmic-release – know that whatever you do has extra significance and power because September 9 brings a Super Moon.

While some sites and calendars report that the Full Moon falls on Monday, September 8, it happens so late in the day that in many areas, it’s already Tuesday, September 9 which makes it the first day of the Full Moon. And when doing any releasing, it’s best not to work until after the Moon has hit its apex and gone from waxing to waning, and is in its own releasing energy.

A Super Moon is an astronomical phenomenon, an optical illusion that makes the moon appear brighter and larger than normal because of its close proximity to Earth. Read More

Moving into September and Rituals to Help

As we come to the end of the grueling 13 month karmic “face-your-past-and-release-it” period from August 1, 2013 to August 30, 2014, we are adjusting to a new version of ourselves and the new vibrations of the Earth. It might feel like we’re newborn babies for a while, still holding onto thoughts and patterns of the previous life and still feeling awkward in the new. It takes us a while to become comfortable so take it easy on yourself and work on going with the flow (a new and difficult concept for many).

Just because most of us feel relief and a new sense of self doesn’t mean everyone does. The forced karmic-release energy may stick hard with people who are still fighting against lessons meant to help them clear their past. They will continue to be hit with challenge after challenge (each one getting harder) until they face their true selves. That means they will probably still be taking out their personal discomfort on everyone around them until they “get it”. Which they will. Eventually. It might take a long time. It might even stretch to the next lifetime. Read More

What To Do When Life Gets Rough

I came across this post from Marc Chernoff and really like what he had to say. With all the difficult challenges culminating right now in Karmic Release August, it’s good to have a reminder of what’s really important and how to remember it. We’re almost out of the woods. Hang in. And hopefully this can help.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when life gets rough: Read More

Meditations for Those Who Aren’t Used to Meditating

How’s August going for you so far? Since its yearly karmic-cleansing opportunities can make it the most difficult month of the year, here are some helpful hints to bring a little balance, which can make all the difference in difficult times.

The best way I know of achieving balance, even if it’s just to get you through the next minutes, hours or days, is to meditate. It doesn’t have to be really intense with lots of prep and zoning out for 30 minutes at a time. It can be quick, sometimes taking just five minutes. It can recharge and center us better than a power nap.
Read More

August 2014 Energy

Greetings from Austin!

As I am anticipating August being, as always, a difficult month, I am once again offering Discount Thursdays for every Thursday in August to help us get through it. See the end of the newsletter for details.

Feng Shui calls August the Hungry Ghosts Month, where negative ghosts are loosed on the world and make things difficult for the living. I look at it as the annual Karmic Catch-up Month. And this catch-up will be very special, as this past year has been very special. Read More

Jupiter in Leo July 2014

Feeling any lighter after Mercury went direct on Tuesday? Well, look forward to feeling even better come mid-July. Here is an excerpt from Gahl Sassoon (whom I’ve quoted here several times) on some relief that is in sight after all the merciless lessons of the past months.

Jupiter in Leo: July 16 – August 11 2015

Good news! Jupiter, the benevolent planet of luck, expansion, synchronicities, optimism and opportunities, is moving into the romantic, charismatic, charming, fun and golden kingdom of Leo from July 16, 2014 til August 11, 2015. When Leos have good time, we all have a great time. Leo is the child of the zodiac, and many parents assert that the best family vacations are those when the kids are having fun. So for the next year, with the help of the good Jupiter, Leo, a generous sign, will share its happiness and fun with us all.

What does it mean?
Everything that relates to Leo – think love, romance, happiness, creativity and fun – will get a boost for the next year. Jupiter moving into the royal sign will feel like Leo on steroids. Wait! Don’t stop reading this if you are not a Leo or know no one in Leo, because this aspect DOES concern you: 1. you might have a planet in Leo. 2. 100% you have one of your houses that is ruled by Leo. Read More

Mercury Direct July 2014

Have you been having fun with our four retrograde planets pushing us into self-evaluation and self-judgment? The best result of this energy has been bringing us clarity on our ascension into the Aquarian Age. The worst is that self-involvement and self-righteousness can run wild. It’s all about refining the ego and it’s up to us whether we do a good or bad job of it.

But hold on. We’re almost done with the hardest part of the journey when Mercury goes direct on July 1. It won’t be completely over but there’s definitely an ease. Then there’s good news ahead (we sure need it) coming toward the middle of July and running for over a year. Read More

Solar Maximus – Part 2

Friday, June 13th brought a lot of strange energy. Not only were four planets in retrograde (Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto), but we had a powerful full moon and we were hit with the CMEs (coronal mass ejections) from three massive solar flares. All of this activity forces us to explore the deep, unconscious mysteries of our inner selves, whether we want to or not.

If you were (and probably still are) feeling irritable, confused, angry, short-tempered, self-pitying or unable to get out of obsessive behavior, welcome to the energy this Friday the 13th kicked off. And be aware everyone is experiencing it, including our pets. If your dog or cat is extra demanding, unsettled or seeming to push your buttons, now you know why. Read More

Hello from Austin!

Well, I made it. My dear friend, Steve, came out from Detroit to drive with me and he drove 16 hours without stopping (except for gas) and then we tag-teamed until we made it. Almost 30 hours. Which would have been less if AAA (no less) had given the right directions at the very end.

Was going to take a lot of pictures to share but we were so driven to make the journey, that became our only focus. Besides, I don’t think anyone wants to see what we looked like after 30 hours on the road.

Still, I’m here. Steve is back in Detroit, sleeping, no doubt. And the cats and I are acclimating to our new home. Which is lovely. They actually handled the trip better than expected and have already picked out favorite spots. I have a huge window viewing trees and lawn and have had wild deer grazing on said lawn every morning and afternoon. Apparently they come in from the outback to country communities so they won’t be shot. Smart and pretty. Read More

Endings and Beginnings

Even though April’s Cardinal Grand Cross with its bookend eclipses has come, shaken things up, and gone, we are still in the deep throes of reaction and adjustment. For most people I’ve talked with, and for myself, May has brought a less oppressive exterior energy and more relentless interior energy.

As it was believed the Grand Cross event heralded the energetic end of the Piscean Age, the issues we’ve been dealing with, that are now shoved right in our faces, are much older and deeper than what we’ve been working on in the last year or even from childhood. Issues that we brought forward from other lives (and who doesn’t have those?), are clearer in May and smacking us without mercy, making us question ourselves in every way possible. Read More