Preparing for 2014 12/16/2013

Preparing for 2014

As we head toward the end of 2013 and get ready to take on a new year, here are some things to know to help in surviving where we’ve been, adapting to where we are now and preparing for where we’re going. I’ve talked about most of these occurrences before. The difference is that now there is a lot of energetic change overlapping and coming to a head, clearing us out, so to speak, before we move into 2014. Read More

Beware of Christmas! 12-9-2013


Something I’ve noticed in the last several years as we get into fall: the holiday time, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, has become more and more desperate in its demand to be happy. Especially and most particularly Christmas Eve/Day, perhaps because of giving and receiving of gifts and all that can mean, positively and negatively. Read More