The Health Newsletter 2013 3/22/2013

The Health Newsletter 2013

Previously I mentioned the difficulty we’re all having facing health issues and how western medicine and what we eat can and have killed healthy bacteria in our intestines which is 80% of what our immune system relies on. At the end of the newsletter I said that there would be more information on taking care of our immune system and here it is. Read More

Surviving Mercury 3/13/2013

Surviving Mercury

How is everyone surviving this Mercury retrograde? Especially with all the fun the Full Moon brought us at the beginning of it. The retrograde is over on March 17th (Saint Patrick’s Day), so a little ease comes in, but I’ve been hearing that the Full Moon coming on March 27th is significant in a very spiritual way, an important moon, a Christ Moon, that has been anticipated for years. It starts off a two week run of interesting/challenging planetary activity, so we don’t have much down time between lessons/opportunities. Read More

2013 General Predictions Part II 2/23/2013

2013 General Predictions Part II

Here is the continuation of general predictions for 2013. Not everything lines up with what Lillian Too says of the Year of the Snake from the last newsletter, but I feel it’s good to get perspectives from all sides.

On Saturday, December 29th, 2012, the night after the last full moon of the year, my Drum Circle people and I got together to do a meditation to see what we could see about the coming year. We visited the Akashic Records and asked what would be happening for the world and humankind in general, then for ourselves. Oddly, everyone got very clear messages about the world and humankind and very little for ourselves personally. Read More

Energy Shifts and Self Care 1/26/2013

Energy Shifts and Self Care

Anyone notice how much fun the energy is these days? Obviously, I’m being facetious. This is the longest and most difficult January I can remember.

Being motivated is next to impossible. Yet the pressure is on to do something, to go somewhere, to feel better somehow RIGHT NOW! We’re experiencing a lot of self-judgment, which some people take out on others. That makes staying in balance a lot harder as we deal with our own stuff and someone else’s issues at the same time. Read More

Happy Birthday, Earth! 12/21/2012

Happy Birthday, Earth! You sweet, wonderful, generous planet!

So, we’ve finally reached it: December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar. Also the end of the 2,000 year long Piscean Age, the end of the 5,125 year long Mayan Fifth Day of Mankind, the end of the 26,000 year long Mayan Precession of the Equinoxes and the 125,000,000th anniversary of the Earth’s position in the galaxy. Read More

Energetic Shift Preparing for December 21st 12/17/2012

Energetic Shift Preparing for December 21st

Have you been feeling it? All the energetic shifting going on in preparation for December 21st? It’s been intense and will continue past the deadline into 2013 and through the next eleven years although without the same intensity. Here’s some of the info I’ve gotten about what’s going on, what to expect and how to deal with it. Read More

Six Minute Healing Technique 11/16/2012

Six Minute Healing Technique

Here is a simple and profound healing technique that takes six minutes to heal the source of health, success and relationship issues.

A dear friend turned me onto this. You may already know about it as the book hit the best seller’s list when it was released in February of 2011. It’s The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd, PhD, ND. I suggest you get his book for the complete story on how this came into being and the success of it, but you can also get the gist of it from two YouTube sites: Read More

The Shift between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age 11/5/2012

The Shift between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age

I’ve referred to the shift between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age quite a bit in these missives. For those who haven’t heard me expound on it via a class or reading, I thought I’d write about it here. When the information on this shift came to me, it explained so much of what was going on in the world. I hope this helps bring understanding and clarity to some major themes we’re experiencing. Read More