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Mercury went retrograde last Thursday, March 22 (until April 15). Don’t know if anyone else felt it, but I was hit with an exhausting sorrow that lasted throughout the next day, as was another psychic I know. It could be that she and I are hyper-sensitive with the work we do that we can’t avoid feeling it, or it could just be a really powerful shift. I’ve never had a Mercury retrograde affect me like that. But as we all get more sensitive to the energetic changes around us and the lifting of conscious and physical vibration, that is the world we’re coming into. (more…)


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I saw this on social media a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to sum up what a lot of people are going through right now:

“Everything seems to be exhausting me. No matter how much sleep I get or how much coffee I drink, or how long I lie down, something inside me seems to have given up. My soul is tired.” (more…)


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Tuesday, March 13 was one weird-ass day. There was no unusual planetary activity involved nor are we close enough to the Dark of the Moon/New Moon coming March 17 for that to be causing the issues I encountered and others from around the country reported to me. (more…)


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As we move further into this Aquarian Age vibration, we become more and more sensitive to the energetic changes around us. These changes have always been there, but now we can feel them so much more. The Full Moon has always made people crazy. It’s where the word “lunacy” came from. But as we get more in-tuned with the vibes of the New Age, planetary and solar activity, the emotions and issues of others (including the Earth and all life on her), we can become confused with our seemingly out-of-the blue reactions to things we aren’t consciously perceiving. We self-judge our reactions instead of rooting out their origins. (more…)


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Most of the people on the planet right now were born in the Piscean Age. Many still hold on to the old traditions and ideals, usually fearfully and aggressively, especially when those ideals are questioned (and there’s a lot of questioning going on). Within the next six years, that energy and sensibility will shift, not just because those born with the Aquarian Age mindset will become more predominant, but many of the Old Guard will adapt and embrace the new way of being. (more…)

Happy New Dog Year and Eclipse! From Gahl Sasson

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Happy New Dog Year and Eclipse!  From Gahl Sasson

Here is Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson’s post about the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog and its coinciding Solar Eclipse. I love his work and forward and quote it in case you aren’t subscribed to him. Yet. Enjoy.

I offer this with love and gratitude… (more…)


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The New Moon on Friday, February 15-16 brings a Solar Eclipse and the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog. As with all celestial events in 2018, this is a big deal and will affect us strongly. When a year begins on an eclipse, it makes that year more volatile, and an Earth Dog Year is said to bring the potential for violent conflict, on individual and world levels. As Master Astrologer Gahl Sasson says, “If 2018 is the Year of the Dog, then we are talking about a pit-bull rather than a docile poodle.” That fits with the over-lord energy of Saturn playing such an important role in our lives this year as it brings unavoidable karmic God-smacking. (more…)


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First off, did you feel that high energy flow last week for the three days before the January 31st Full Blood Blue Moon with Lunar Eclipse? It was the first time that combination of events (Full Moon, Blood Moon, Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse) gathered together in 150 years. It was wicked intense. The energy was really good for some and really bad for others, depending on what needed attention or what needed to change in our lives. (more…)


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While I hope that people are generally having a great beginning to the Gregorian calendar New Year, the feeling I get within and from clients is that the leftover 2017 energy is still clinging and nothing feels that new or better. From how the news has been filled with shocking and dire political strife, not just for our country, we can get pretty down and hopeless.

Even if we know internally that we’re in the middle of a huge transition for all of humankind, and that’s always hard, we can feel there’s a purpose to it and that it all does work out. Eventually. But on a day-to-day basis, with the majority of people fighting change thinking if they hold on long enough the old ways will come back (No! they won’t), things can get us down.

However, there’s some light, uplifting change and magic coming into our lives. The first comes with our next Full Moon this Wednesday, January 31 which is a Blue Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. The second comes a little over two weeks later with the New Moon on February 16, which starts us in the Lunar calendar (bringing energetic renewal), also bringing a Solar Eclipse and the Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog (more on that as we get closer).

Beware, however, of the days leading up to both the Full and New Moons as our emotions can overtake us easily, especially when we’re feeling disconnected coming out of 2017. Don’t discard the emotions and just “get through them”. Pay attention to what surfaces as that’s showing us clearly what we need to heal within ourselves in this year of karmic cleansing and balance. These events and our reactions to them are giving us a blueprint for what we need to handle for ourselves in 2018.

Below is Master Astrologer, Gahl Sasson’s take on what’s coming in for us now.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo – January 31

You know this expression, “once in a blue moon?” Well, get ready. This January 31, we have a supermoon (moon closer to earth than normal) and total lunar eclipse, and it is a blue moon (two full moons in a month). The last time a full lunar eclipse occurred with a blue moon was in 1982 (eastern hemisphere) and 1866 (western hemisphere).

In addition, the eclipse takes place on Tu Bishvat, the ancient biblical celebration of trees that was made popular by the Talmud and Kabbalah. It is the old version of Earth Day, when trees are honored. These occurrences will make January 31 magical and eventful. 

North Node in Leo

Eclipses are important because they happen four to five times a year and represent a conjunction between the path of the moon (reception and feminine) and the sun (action and masculine). It is a day that we can create balance and harmony between these two aspects of our personality.

During Lunar eclipses (January 31), the feminine leads us towards balance and during Solar eclipses (February 15) the masculine takes the helm. Every two years or so, the eclipses shift their focus. Since 2017, the eclipses are in the axis of Leo and Aquarius.

The North Node, representing what we desire to learn on a soul level, is now in Leo. This means we need to focus on the qualities of Leo. We need to be romantic, creative, entertaining. We need to connect to the heart, be childlike, revisit old hobbies and recreational activities. It is wonderful! The North Node wants us to have fun and reminds us that growing does not have to be painful.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo – January 31

I found eclipses to be generators of synchronicities. They ignite stories and quicken processes. They are not good or bad the same way that there are not good or bad amplifiers, but there could be talented or terrible musicians using the amplifier. Around the eclipse keep a journal or a log of synchronicities. Any unique encounter, rare occurrences, dreams, a new person coming into your life, etc. Put it all down. Use these events as if they were words trying to compose a poem. Since the eclipses are in Leo, we can trace the field of influence for each of the signs. Look for synchronicities in these aspects of life:

  • Aries: love, children, sports, performance.
  • Taurus: home, family, real-estate, security.
  • Gemini: Communication, siblings, relatives, contracts.
  • Cancer: money, talents, self-worth, values, finance.
  • Leo: every aspect of your life, but focus on body and identity.
  • Virgo: letting go, past lives, mysticism, confinement.
  • Libra: friends, government, organizations.
  • Scorpio: career, father figures, bosses.
  • Sagittarius: travel, education, foreign cultures, in-laws.
  • Capricorn: sexuality, production, death, intimacy.
  • Aquarius: relationship, partnerships, enemies, justice.
  • Pisces: work, employees, diet, health.

Werewolf effect

On the full moon and especially on the lunar eclipses, the werewolves are out and about. Of course there are no werewolves, but then again, of course there are. The werewolf represents the animalistic part of us, the one that has not yet caught up with evolution.

We all have that inner wolf somewhere in the dark forests of our shadow. The wolf is important and should not be hunted, he needs to be respected and understood. But during lunar eclipse we tend to become aggressive wounded wolves. We bite, react, project and over impulsive. And of course our bite is contagious. If you snap at someone, that person is now a werewolf as well and in turn, will bite someone else.

For this reason, try as much as you can to connect to breath. Breathing is air and air is reason and intellect. During the lunar eclipse do some breathing exercises, go on a run, connect to a cardio activity, maybe swim or go dancing. And monitor the wolf population in your soul…

Once in 19 years

To understand the lessons you need to learn from the eclipse, go back to 1999-2000, 1981-1982 as those were the last two cycles of similar eclipses. Maybe you can find a pattern that can help you make sense of what you are expected to learn from the eclipses this year that take place on: January 31, February 15, July 13, July 27 and August 11.


Yes, eclipses can be harsh, and yes many earthquake and natural disasters take place during eclipses so do wars and plagues but you can still surf these high celestial seas. Awareness is the key to navigating the next few weeks. Eclipses always occur in pairs. One lunar, the other solar, one feminine and the other masculine. Their stories are connected.

The coming February 15 eclipse (Chinese New Year) is the partner of the January 31 eclipse. One is feminine (the Jewish tree new year) the other is masculine (the Chinese year of the Dog). I think it is a wonderful synchronicity. West meet East, a tree and a dog. And all this is happening during the year of the master number 11.

Have a great cosmic ride!

I offer this with love and gratitude…


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When I connect with a client’s energy during a reading, I am able to see and feel not just their aura, but how they use the sphere of energy around them. I can see/feel where their major focus is, where their minor focus is, the annoyances, pleasures, unfinished karmic lessons and what’s left over. It appears and feels to me as a swirling sphere of energy around them. It’s easier to explain what I experience in two dimensions instead of three – I perceive their energy as a pie chart. (more…)

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